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Fight Out Presale (FGHT) raised more than $2.6 million. This figure testifies to the great interest that the cryptocurrency market has in this Web3 “move-to-earn” (M2E) platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. Launching in the second quarter of 2022, Fight Out will reward users in cryptocurrency for participating in workouts and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

In the current context of a general decline in the crypto market, the sub-sector i “move to win” had a relatively strong 2022. Fight Out’s feature set promises to make it a huge hit with health, fitness enthusiasts and cryptocurrency owners when it launches later this year.

At the end of its presale in the coming months, the quotation of FGHT sign on crypto exchanges promises to help early investors earn above-average returns.

Exercise and earn crypto with Fight Out: The future of fitness is here with a new project that successfully raised $2.6 million

Since its inception in mid-December, presale of STRUGGLE quickly shifted into high gear after reaching a total of $2,612,000 in less than a month.

One can easily see why it has generated such interest, as it aims to take the concept of “move to win” into high gear. To do this, it combines real-world exercises with Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

Unlike simply rewarding steps taken (like STEPN), Fight Out will reward its users for participating in a much wider range of activities and workouts. So when it launches in Q2, Fight Out will offer on-demand fitness classes and live workouts including strength training, mobility, yoga, meditation, boxing and more.

Interestingly, these workouts can be tracked on the app or at local Fight Out gyms. Fight Out plans to open up 20 own gyms in the world and to connect with many pre-existing halls.

In addition, the app will feature a strong social component that will allow users to post their latest workouts and results, share information, follow each other and update their status.

Additionally, the social and community element doesn’t stop there, as Fight Out also plans to open health bars, content studios and collaboration spaces. Combined with its other features, it will not only help its users develop a strong sense of community and inclusion, but will further motivate them to follow their various workouts and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Fight Out rewards will be distributed in the form of sound second native sign, REP. The latter can be used to purchase in-game items and remote training sessions with trainers, while it can also be used to pay subscription fees to STRUGGLE. The same applies to FGHT, the token offered in the presale.

Aside from the strong social element, what makes Fight Out interesting is what it will offer highly personalized training programs and useful, including technically focused courses. The first of these classes will be the Boxing Class, which will include a series of in-app videos featuring top-level trainers. These will teach users the basics of the sport before receiving assessments at the end of their workout.

All these elements do Fight Out a very promising new platform and ambitious, which should advance the M2E sector. It should be noted that this sector remains popular, with major M2E tokens such as STEPN (GMT) and Sweatcoin (SWEAT) growing since their launch last year. This is in contrast to most major cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, Fight Out is in a great position to have a great year 2023. Indeed, it is likely that his token FGHT is doing well after the presale is over and that it will be listed on crypto exchange platforms.

Interested investors can participate in Fight Out’s pre-sale by visiting its official website. On site, they will need to configure and connect their own Wallet Connect or MetaMask crypto wallets. Then they can buy FGHT using a stablecoin like USDT or ETH. In addition to offering FGHT tokens, the presale also offers up to 50% bonuses for early investors.

Strong public mobilization around Fight Out

It should be noted that Fight Out has already amassed nearly 50,000 Twitter followers. However, his account was only opened in October. It is therefore possible to get an idea of ​​its popularity and the interest it has aroused in the market.

If we refer to big pre-sales from last yearFGHT could very well increase in value when it is listed on the stock exchanges in the coming weeks.

To name just a few examples, Destiny Block (LBLOCK) and Battle Infinity (IBAT) have posted returns of 6,000% and 3,000% over their initial pre-sale price of $0.00015 in the past year. True, FGHT probably won’t be able to replicate such gains, but its fundamental qualities put it in a good position to succeed, no matter how close it is to benchmarks.

Indeed, its basic features are so interesting and so designed that it can be one of the best quotes of the new year. Moreover, thanks to the creation of a long-term roadmapFGHT and Fight Out both have plenty of reason to dream big.

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