3 main means of capturing and keeping notes

How to capture ideas, text in physical form, but also how to organize and edit notes? Find a selection of very useful everyday tools.

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Evernote: the multipurpose app

Evernote is a multifunctional software for recording information, mainly in the form of notes. Accessible on different platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, web browser, etc.), it facilitates the capture and sharing of ideas, serves as a memory guide and optimizes the management of daily or business tasks for project management.

L’application it works like a traditional notebook, but in a digital and much more powerful format. From your smartphone, tablet or computer, all you have to do is capture your ideas in the form of notes which can be fed by all kinds of formats, such as text, photos, videos or even drawings.

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You can then organize those notes right within the app. It also allows you to keep important documents and be able to access them when needed thanks to OCR (optical character recognition). Thus, health and insurance data, identity documents or guarantees can be stored securely.

The app syncs your notes across all your devices to make them accessible from anywhere.

Prizmo Go: text editor

Prism Go is another free app that can quickly capture text in physical format. When you point your phone’s camera at text, Prizmo Go processes the image and highlights the text by highlighting it. Then you just need to select the useful elements by sliding your finger on the image so that the text is accessible and readable in the application.

The tool has several features. It initially offers a number of options, such as the ability to edit the selected text.

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Moreover, thanks to a highly accurate online OCR,application it can process texts from 26 different languages ​​and translate them into 59 languages. It also offers to interact directly with text elements such as an email address, a phone number, a website URL, a postal address or a QR code.

The Prizmo Go is also able to read text aloud and provide interaction in addition to reading thanks to its VoiceOver compatibility.
This option has been developed to provide access for blind and visually impaired users.

Emphasis: capture not to forget

highlighted is a paper extract capture application available for free on all platforms. Its promise: to make you remember what you read. Very powerful, the app’s OCR lets you scan book pages so you can then underline sentences, write notes, and organize them.

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A bit like an e-reader for your e-books, but this time for your paper books!

When you arrive at the platform, you must select your current readings. Then you just need to scan the parts of the book you want to highlight. A page, a paragraph, a sentence… Once the text is captured, you can underline, add notes and organize your ideas using tags.

In addition, the application has the feature of being able to export your photos, especially in TXT or PDF formats. Highlighted will soon offer smartphone owners the ability to highlight quotes they’ve digitized on their home screen via a widget. You will never forget important passages from your favorite books!

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