Nyx concept and 6K screens: Dell presents its new products

What will our future interactions look like? That’s the question Dell is trying to answer with its Nyx concept.

Two days before the opening of CES 2023, Dell talks about its innovations and projects. Last year, the American firm introduced its Nyx concept with the desire to rethink the concept of cloud gaming. The idea was to bring all the necessary infrastructure directly to the user.

Dell does not give up its project in 2023 and is still interested in the connection. After a year marked by announcements about the metaverse, the group wants to know the ways of connection we will be using five or ten years from now. He also asks if we will use holograms to interact in the fully immersive virtual modes. Or if the reality will eventually be closer to how most of us work with one today laptop ? Facing all these questions, Dell makes sure to examine future trends and technologies.

“While immersive environments will play a role in the future of work, face-to-face meetings, instant messaging, collaboration tools and video calling aren’t going away anytime soon”, says Dell. The famous manufacturer’s teams focus on user experience and everyday micro-moments.

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The manufacturer has used the ability to provide multiple calculations of the Concept Nyx. This helps him explore how existing terminals and peripherals can be paired with artificial intelligence (AI) to collaborate creating an ecosystem capable of delivering immersive and easily accessible experiences beyond gaming. In his labs, we find comprehensive demos and concepts; these can be fully immersive virtual reality (VR) or mixed reality (XR) experiences.

Nyx Companion, Stylus, Spatial Concept: Dell imagines the tools of tomorrow

Among the tools developed by Dell is Concept Nyx Companion. This lightweight device takes the form of a tablet that can be viewed and consulted in VR and XR environments. It comes with the Concept Nyx Stylus which allows you to take notes by voice or stylus. They can be dragged and dropped into digital and virtual collaboration spaces; and use voice activation for AI imaging.

All of these tools can be used seamlessly with the Nyx Spatial Input Concept in a future desktop environment with keyboard and mouse, and possibly 3D displays. Dell teams have also thought about how users will appear in future digital and virtual spaces.

Nyx space entry concept
Nyx space entry concept. © Dell

They experimented with gesture and motion tracking using imaging technology and video conferencing expertise to create the Nyx Concept Space Camera. Combined with AI software, this learns a user’s expressions and behaviors to provide a more authentic representation of them for future interactions.

A new generation of UltraSharp displays for the Concept Nyx ecosystem

Dell is now looking to advance its ecosystem, particularly through a new generation of UltraSharp displays. The brand innovates by offering the first screen with 6K definition on the market. It features IPS Black technology to provide higher contrast (up to 41% deeper); deeper blacks and improved colors (up to 1.2 times better than traditional IPS).

The UltraSharp 32 6K monitor (U3224KB) offers this 6K definition and a VESA HDR 600 display. Such a definition offers 150% more pixels, compared to 4K. The display is aimed at professionals and features a built-in 4K HDR webcam with dual benefit. Offers automatic framing, light adjustments and enhanced clarity; a SafeShutter (automatic shutter), an echo cancellation microphone and two 14W speakers. On the connector side, there’s DisplayPort 2.1 and Thunderbolt 4 with up to 140W power.

In addition to this classic monitor, Dell is introducing two new displays in the UltraSharp line for professionals and creators. The first is the UltraSharp 34 with USB-C connection (U3423WE), a curved WQHD display with IPS Black technology. Can link and display content from two computers using Picture-by-Picture (PBP) and Picture-in-Picture (PIP); in addition to providing audio thanks to two integrated 5W speakers.

UltraSharp 34 with USB-C connection (U3423WE)
© Dell

The next model announced by Dell is the UltraSharp 43 4K with USB-C connection (U4323QE). This screen is optimized for collaboration; with a connection that allows him to split his screen into 4 and connect up to four different PCs to the same screen, view the four inputs and switch from one PC to another with KVM.

Finally, Dell kicks off the year with the Premier collaboration keyboard (KB900), the first Zoom-certified model on the market. It comes with the new Dell Premier Rechargeable Mouse (MS900).

UltraSharp 43 4K with USB-C connection (U4323QE)
© Dell


Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor with USB-C Connectivity (U3423WE) and Dell UltraSharp 43 43 Monitor with USB-C Connectivity (U4323QE) will be available starting January 31, 2023. Dell UltraSharp 32 6KB (U322) just arrived late May 11, 2023. Prize not yet announced.

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