launching the beta version of Dashboard and ranking on centralized platforms

Aries 2 Tradeplatforms of trading analysis tools dedicated to beginners and professional investors in cryptocurrencies, managed to raise nearly $12.5 million. With the end of its pre-sale approaching, investors have only two days left to invest in this project.

In the last 24 hours alone, investors in the trading intelligence platform have rushed in invest $500,000. They fear that they will not be able to take advantage of the excellent returns that are expected after the presale ends. Indeed, the project is fast approaching its $13.42 million goal.

Therefore there is no time to lose investment in it and according the experts, Dash 2 Trade is expected to increase earnings by 10 times in 2023.

Launch of the demo version of the pre-sale section of the panel and registrations on the centralized platforms

Launching the demo version of the “pre-sale” section of the control panel or dashboard will take place on Wednesday, January 4. It will aim to provide detailed data and analysis on upcoming crypto pre-sales.

Similarly, with a view to further whet the appetite of investors, Dash 2 Trade (D2T) token. it will be listed a week later, on Wednesday, January 11, on three major centralized platforms (CEX). It is mainly about Changely Pro, LBank and BitMart. It will also be listed on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange.

It should be remembered that less than 10% of Dash 2 Trade tokens available during the presale still remain to be purchased. Therefore, investors will have to decide quickly not to miss out on what could be most popular symbol in 2023.

The price of D2T has increased during the last phase of the pre-sale, which takes place in four phases. The price of D2T is $0.0533but likely to be higher on crypto exchanges.

A community of 70,000 traders already supports the Dash 2 Trade project

From the start of its pre-sale in October 2022, Dash 2 Trade has built a great community. Thanks to its partnership with Learn 2 Trade, the project can now boast of having a community of 70,000 traders present in the financial markets. In addition, the project already has 28,000 active members on its Telegram channel and 37,000 followers on its Twitter account.

Investors and potential competitors of Dash 2 Trade will be watching closely how the launch of the demo version from the pre-sale section of the Dashboard. The slogan of Dash 2 Trade is “built by traders, for traders” and the imminent launch of the demo version of the pre-sale section is a remarkable achievement for such a recent project.

Many pre-existing platforms have neglected crypto pre-sales. Although they represent a high-risk segment of the market, they also offer high returns. But it should be noted that competing platforms like CryptohopperMaxxer and Cointelegraph Markets Pro overlooked this factor.

From Wednesday, cryptocurrency traders and investors will be able to access the demo version of the pre-sale section. For this purpose, they will be able to explore its latest analysis and scoring system called Dot dot. This applies to about 20-30 presales of cryptocurrency projects that are launched every week.

Default view of demo version section of this section ranks pre-sale projects based on their Dash score, with 100 being the best possible score and zero being the worst.

Before starting beta versionwhich will be accessible from the Dash 2 Trade homepage, interested parties can watch the demo video available on YouTube, made by the project team.

How do I access the “pre-sale” section of the Dash 2 Trading Dashboard?

“presale” section. provides comprehensive information and analysis on all current crypto pre-sales in the market. This includes pre-sales that have recently ended.

To access it, you will need to provide your email address by filling in the window that appears when you visit the site. which will be accessible from January 4 from 15:00 CET. This is a beta version open to everyone, so there is no limit to participants or the number of users.

Access to the full version of the Panel live depends on paying for a subscription which is possible using the D2T token, but this is not required in the beta version.

Through titles such as “Top Social Activity,” “Top Pre-Sale Sellers,” and “New quotes“, users will have an instant overview of the state of the market by displaying the top 5 for each of them.

The main panel is below these sections divided into mini-boards. Here, tokens are displayed and sorted by default Aries result. To easily find yourself on the Dashboard, you can filter information by blockchain, audit, KYC and VC investments.

For each presale tokenwe find the following elements: Dash score, presale end date, tags, amount of funds raised, hard cap, presale market cap, social following, social interaction, and blockchain.

Green and yellow “tags”. show more information and focus on areas such as VC, acquisition, audit and capping.

At the end of each line is a blue button to quickly add a token to your shopping cart, although this feature is not available in the demo version. You will be able to view a token’s social metrics and sentiment, token data, tokenomics and more.

By clicking on the name of a landusers go to the project profile page as shown in the following screenshot.

If the presale is audited, a green label indicates this. Funding from a venture capital firm and the fact that the project has been certified by an external body are also indicated, with red for no and green for yes. Also, in the description panel, we can see if there are any confirmed quotes for the land.

Hovering the mouse over the bullet point will display a detail box showing the five main areas of the bullet, namely the team, the product, its marketing, development and tokenomic. Hovering over the Dash Score figure, you can see the weighting of the scoring system criteria in the pop-up window.

Each project’s profile page further presents detailed social metrics, divided into number of followers and engagements, with a weekly evolution for each of them, as well as an evaluation of the sentiment, whether positive, negative or neutral.

Other important data such as the amount collected from the presalesoft and hard fonts, the start and end date of the pre-sale and the blockchain are clearly displayed.

If you add to that the essentials like the pre-sale and token address, total bid and a full description of the project’s tokenomics, you’ll find here everything the pre-sale investor needs. At the bottom of the profile page, the project’s Twitter feed appears, making it easy to keep up to date with the latest news from the team.

A revolutionary and unmatched smart cryptocurrency trading offering

The solutions offered by Dash 2 Trade are unmatched in the market. Indeed, the Dash Score may soon become the industry standard metric for ranking pre-sale projects. In addition, according to the project team, other features of the “presale” section will be available as the work progresses, in parallel with the construction of other sections.

Future features include copy trading, social analytics, trading bots and strategy builder which includes full testing. Cryptocurrency trading signals, technical indicators, charts and trading contests will also be present in the full version of the dashboard.

Dash 2 Trade will also have its own trading academy “Learn to Win”. This will allow users to earn D2T tokens as part of their training.

Market crisis and decline in demand for FTX fuel for Dash 2 Trade vehicles

The current crypto market and bankruptcy of FTX have benefited immensely from Dash 2 Trade. Indeed, the project perfectly meets the growing demand of novice investors for professional-level tools and analysis.

Dash 2 Trade was able to respond to this request very quickly. Thus, it was able to accelerate the development of its solutions thanks to seed funding from institutional investors.

Its highly experienced team of finance specialists, traders and developers has helped Dash 2 Trade refine its tools to meet the specific needs of the merchant and cryptocurrency investors.

Unlike other cryptocurrency projects that only focus on a specific industry, Dash 2 Trade is for all cryptocurrency investors. This approach gives it a greater reach that can potentially reach tens of millions of users.

Where and how to buy D2T token?

To participate in the Dash 2 Trade presale and buy land D2T, you will need to have USDT (Tether) or ETH. For those who do not have a cryptocurrency funded wallet, they can buy ETH with a debit or credit card directly on the Dash 2 Trade site.

For mobile users it is better to use crypto wallet Trust the wallet. You will then be able to access the pre-sale page through the built-in Trust Wallet browser. Once your wallet is linked, you will be able to purchase D2T tokens.

To do this, you will need to determine the amount of tokens to purchase and validate the transaction. From then on, you will own as many D2T tokens as you can claim at the end of the presale.

Dash 2 Trade is a reliable and safe project, it has been fully verified by SolidProof and his team is verified by Coinsniper.

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