La Rustine VR, an escape game like no other in Limoges

Marion Henri and Cédric Goagen are passionate about video games. La Rustine, located at 123 rue François-Perrin, is not an escape game like any other. Games are not played in the room, but on the screen. Wearing a helmet, the player is locked in virtual rooms and must find solutions to escape.

The 360-degree field of view allows you to experience extreme sensations. “We offer 18 different sessions. For example, you can find yourself in space, at the time of the pyramids, nearAlice in Wonderlandor firefighters on the burning roof of Notre-Dame de Paris,” explains Cédric Goagen.


Originally from the Paris region, he first put his skills as an electrician to work for the army in Metz and then Angers. It was during a trip to Quebec that he crossed paths with Mario.

After becoming his companion, she shares his passion for video games. Both keep abreast of current events and innovations.

For all audiences

“We have hardware that is more powerful than traditional consoles,” says Marion. Games last from 45 minutes to an hour. The game room is for everyone.

The most nostalgic can find, also virtually, arcade terminals. One thing is for sure, for those who have a hole in their schedule, La Rustine gives some air. It was his fellow soldiers who named him. Competent in all areas and always able to find a solution, he was given this nickname.

Careful! To enter this escape game, you must make an appointment at

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Jean-Francois Julien

Photos: Thomas Jouhannaud and Juliette Benaim

Video: Thomas Jouhannaud

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