Are blockchain and crypto scams?

Essayist Nassim Nicholas Taleb is the author of the famous book “The Black Swan”. He is one of the world’s leading experts in the fields of probability and uncertainty. But the best-selling author recently crashed crypto. This also angered Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Cardano (ADA). Find out how.

Taleb criticizes blockchain and crypto users

On December 20, 2022, bestselling author Nassim Nicholas Taleb gave his crypto reviews. He showed his distaste for new technology, through a tweet. He said not all fools do crypto. However, all those who enter this sector are special fools. According to the best-selling author, those involved in crypto have a missing thread in their brain.

Taleb argues that the latter works differently. He added: “Yes, I had hopes for crypto, but it didn’t turn out to be what I expected, and when I got deeper into blockchain, I saw that it was a scam for weak-wired technoheads. Whether with crypto or blockchain, I have never been blinded by hope“.

The words of the philosopher

On December 31, 2022, prominent MIT AI researcher Lex Friedman made a statement on Twitter. The host of the Lex Friedman Podcast appeared on a tweet books he plans to read in 2023. He talked about reading a book a week. It didn’t take long to provoke Taleb’s reaction. Indeed, the bestselling author questioned Friedman’s credibility. He took the opportunity to point out that he turned down 10 invitations from Friedman to appear on his podcast.

Friedman is reading the tweet

He added that the host is a “superficial, hyperactive poser who inflates his “scientific” image by pretending to be a researcher at MIT and pretending to read a book a weekOn January 2, Charles Hoskinson responded to Taleb’s attack on Friedman.

Finding this act unjustified, the co-founder of Cardano (ADA) said indignantly:If you don’t understand why Nassim Taleb is an arrogant human scum then this thread will tell you moreHoskinson pointed out:Lex is one of the smartest, most intellectually curious and humble people I have ever met.“.

Friedman himself did not hesitate to respond calmly in the comments. “I’m sorry you felt this way and felt the need to tweet this. I love your work and will continue to celebrate it. Good year“, he declared.

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