Apple’s mixed reality headset: its alleged specifications impress, the price too

Will we finally discover Apple’s AR / VR / XR / mystR headset in 2023, eyes in awe, gasp and bank card in hand? Maybe yes. information in any case, it has just discovered new details about this sea serpent that suggest an upcoming departure.

The mixed reality headset, which would look like a pair of ski goggles, would have the equivalent of a digital crown on the right side to allow the user to easily switch the screen between the virtual and real worlds. Unlike the Apple Watch’s digital crown, there would be no haptic feedback. Other interactions would be done primarily using gestures and voice commands. Apple reportedly tested small dedicated controllers, but their realization is unclear.

Concept of Apple headphones based on rumors. from Ian Zelbo.

While there has long been talk of an interchangeable strap like the Apple Watch bracelet, it would eventually be inseparable. A replaceable belt would be technically very complicated, as this part also contains electronics. However, third-party developers (who may be required to create dedicated apps for the new platform) may have a special strap, potentially making it easier to connect the device to a Mac.

Glasses wearers can integrate their custom lenses with a magnetic attachment. Mini motors will be integrated into the helmet to automatically adjust the lenses to the user’s eyes. On current VR headsets, like the Meta Quest 2, you have to adjust manually pupil distance, with sometimes very limited settings. Apple’s helmet would offer a 120° field of view, more than the Meta Quest Pro or Valve’s Index which are limited to 106°.


Oculus Quest 2, a prototype of Apple’s VR/AR headset?

The helmet would put the H2 chip already at work AirPods Pro 2 for an ultra-low latency connection with just these headphones. The upcoming product would also have built-in speakers, but AirPods could be useful, if not essential, for communicating with other users. In fact, the sound from the headphones’ speakers could be heard by people near the user. Not suitable for all situations or all videos.

Apple may release other AirPods with the H2 chip before the headphones are released, so customers have more choices. A recent rumor was just about New entry-level AirPods for this year.

Other information broadcast today by information they’re not new, but a booster shot doesn’t hurt. The helmet, a real concentration of technologies, would notably have two 4K micro-LED screens, a dozen cameras and sensors and an M2 chip as the main engine. It’s also said to have a dedicated image signal processor, and Apple is said to have customized a codec to reduce latency as much as possible.

Apple would see its new product as particularly good for video conferencing, even its own “Killer App”, with conversations driven by digital avatars. If the new Cupertino platform it doesn’t risk being called a metaverseit may still look like this…

informationwhich has already proven its reliability in many times, reiterates that the price of the helmet can reach up to $3,000. It’s going to take more than VR Memoji dating to sell it at this price.

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