6 2023 tech trends to watch closely

We have to say, we’re bored to death in the tech market in 2022. Smartphone makers are freewheeling, PC makers are aging, audio is slipping, and the lack of innovation doesn’t improve the feeling.

At the same time, brands have increased their prices under the guise of component shortages, the war in Ukraine and Covid. In short, it’s not really joy.

What have the tech giants planned for 2023? What will be the trends this year? As the CES show opens its doors soon, we take stock The 6 main trends to follow in the technology market in 2023.

foldable smartphones

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After a year 2022 still monopolized by Samsung, the foldable smartphone market should develop further in 2023. If the lack of components does not allow rapid democratization, new players will try the adventure.

OPPO has already announced its intentions during Inno Days at the end of 2022 by unveiling two new foldable smartphones: Find N2 and Find N2 Flip. The first will be a competitor to Samsung’s Z Fold4, the second for the Z Flip4.

The clamshell foldable smartphones will also multiply in 2023. By eschewing compact models, consumers could turn to these formats more suited to today’s needs.

Folding clamshell smartphones make it possible to combine the viewing comfort of a classic smartphone with the compactness (in a pocket or bag) of a compact smartphone.

Despite the arrival of new players, the market should still be limited to the premium segment, as the technologies used in these devices are still expensive.

Galaxy Z Flip4 at the best price Base price: €1109

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electric car

recharge ionic test 5

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Another product we’d like to see become more democratic, but still very expensive: electric cars. In 2023, you’re not done hearing about it.

It starts at the beginning of the year in France, since The state has changed the assistance schemes for the purchase of these cleaner vehicles. Thus, the ecological bonus drops to 5,000 euros (compared to 6,000 euros in 2022). In parallel, a zero interest loan has been established under certain conditions.

Technical issues around the electric car should be among the trending topics this year. Beyond new models, issues related to vehicle autonomy and charging infrastructure represent tomorrow’s challenges. So many topics we will cover in Presse-citron.


Meta Quest Facebook VR Headset

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We talked a lot about it in 2022 and it will continue in 2023. Despite the unspoken skepticism, Metaverse will still be part of the big trends of 2023.

However, in 2022, several signals indicated that this new world was far from promising a bright future. Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Meta (Facebook), paid the price. His company announced disastrous financial results, blame multi-billion dollar investments in the metaverse.

However, some optimists continue to believe it. Thus, Facebook introduced a new virtual reality helmet that allows better immersion. At CES in Las Vegas, other players are also expected to unveil products, including HTC, which has focused on the event after its smartphone slump.

Therefore, 2023 should be an important year for the future of the metaverse.

artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence

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We’ve also heard a lot about it for years, but 2023 should be a key year for artificial intelligence. In robots, software, online services or smartphones, AI has demonstrated great potential in 2022.

In 2023, progress should be even more impressive. We think, for example, about services like ChatGPT which still needs to be improved or in specific software like the latest one proposed by Adobe which allows correct automatic voices during recording with external noises.

Electric cars should also benefit from advances in artificial intelligence. And if the 100% autonomous car is not at the moment, manufacturers continue to expand this technology of the future.

AI is also robotics or advanced industrial applications that meet very specific needs. In short, you’re not done hearing about it even in 2023.

The end of the holiday in Europe

european usb c battery regulations

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Voted in 2022, The Digital Market Act and the Digital Services Act are two texts aimed at regulating the practices of technological and digital giants. From 2023, these two texts will be implemented and for Google, Twitter, Apple and others the party is over.

If they want to continue to be present on the old continent, these giants will have to respect the new rules. Some of them are easy to set up. One thinks, for example, of respecting competition.

Others involve technical developments or even disruptions in the design and manufacturing process. Apple, for example, will have to abandon its Lightning port in favor of USB-C, chosen as the universal connector in Europe. If the Californian still has 2 years to comply, he should already plan the design of his future devices according to these rules.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp will also have to adapt. These European regulations impose better moderation, greater respect for privacy and even interoperability between services. For example, you’ll need to be able to send an iMessage to a user who has selected WhatsApp as their primary messaging service.

Therefore, all these regulations should transform many of the digital tools we use every day. There will be change.

Subscriptions for everything

Blue Yeti X Microphone

Blue Yeti X microphone © Logitech

This is a trend that has been observed for several years, but which is expected to intensify this year. In 2023 more than ever, subscription will be king.

We see it in smartphone app stores, for example. While most apps used to be paid once and for all, most are adopting the subscription model to be more profitable. Adobe chose this model a few years ago now, making its Creative Suite pay monthly rather than through a one-time purchase.

The subscription must reach the social networks. Twitter, for example, should be paid to access some features. In any case, this is the desire shown by Elon Musk, the new boss of the company.

Cars, online services, tools for professionals (accounting, billing, etc.) are all adopting the subscription model. For consumers, it’s the risk of drowning in formula to a staggering amount every month. So be careful.

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