Web 3, blockchain and NFT: these uses we rarely talk about

If you are told web 3, what do you think? NFT, cryptocurrency, speculation or even window dressing? The concept is everywhere, but so are critics, who decry its funding and focus on the purely speculative.

What does web 3 mean? It is the infrastructure that envisions an inclusive, decentralized, user-oriented, community-based, proprietary-identity Internet. Here, experience is the new product.

of brands don’t make mistakes and develop their own worlds. Whether they are luxury or consumer brands, they are trying to engage consumers in these new uses. We even saw the release of a new beer in the metaverse from Heineken! What web 3 also creates is an internet of digital ownership, where it is possible to create something rare or share value. Far from being dedicated to purely commercial use, the technologies that emerged with the web 3 ecosystem drive NFT or blockchain-based uses that you might never have thought of…

Before we begin, a little semantic refresher may be necessary Internet culture words 3, at a time when the various terms related to web 3 are often confused. Web 3 defines the evolution of infrastructure; This development is particularly enabled by blockchain technology, which orchestrates NFTs.

With the foundations in place, what are these uses of web 3 that we don’t talk about much, when they can do so much?

What can web 3 do for citizens?

Web3 has a role to play in digital citizenship. Already in October 2020, a Report of the Ministry of Interior was thinking about the possibilities of blockchain to prevent the forgery of digital civil status documents. Blockchain is envisioned as an opportunity to “secure source documents, ensure their integrity during transfers, allow traceability of access requests, copies, updates or renewals”. In addition, the use of smart contracts would also make it possible to automate procedures.

to SEOUL, the municipality plans to digitally duplicate itself in the metaverse. The idea? That citizen avatars can ‘get tax advice, request public documents or get lists of business permits’ Uzbek and Rica. This metaverse could even allow citizens to participate in virtual ceremonies. The dawn of a new “digital living together”?

Another web 3 revolution? Sharing value between users.

Applied to the business world, blockchain can simplify the sharing of value between companies and employees. This is the premise of a start-up like N01zet. With this solution, each employee can manage their own performance-related rewards using a token system. Does this give concrete value to the commitment? Interesting, at a time when his absence from work is highlighted. It is the postulate of Faustine Duriez, management consultant: “When you think about it, Web3 is fascinating for this: it’s a community that manages to get people from all over the world actively contributing who have never seen each other. The principles are value sharing, trust, transparency and gamification.”

Track the destination of humanitarian donations

Finally, 2022 unfortunately illustrated the virtue of web 3 traceability regarding humanitarian donations and the destination of funds. In 2022, NFTs were thus used to raise funds to help the Ukrainian people in war or Iranian women at war. The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation has even opened its own online museum of NFTs to raise money through the sale of works: Meta War Historical Museum.

The fact remains that web3 infrastructures are struggling to respond to criticism of their climate impact and their accessibility to the general public at a time when the digital divide is widening. Is web3 our chance to build a better internet? To continue on this topic, this excellent article from HBR proposes a reflection on this topic which starts from the philosophical principles of John Rawls.

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