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Tonight, France 2 launches its “Vortex” event series. To transport us into its unique universe, the series uses a lot of technology, especially for the virtual reality scenes. How were they shot? We tell you everything.

Tonight, France 2 is launching its Vortex event series. Carried by Tomer Sisley and Camille Claris, it plunges us into the heart of a police investigation that spans two eras and two love stories that are written in the past and the future. And to transport us into its unique universe, this ambitious fantasy thriller uses a lot of technology.

In 2025, crime scenes are completely reconstructed in virtual reality to be studied in their smallest details. When a time rift opens up at a crime scene where he sees Mélanie, the woman he lost 27 years ago in what appeared to be an accident, Ludovic, captain of the judicial police, puts himself in charge of everything to save her from certain death. . In 11 days, he will have to change the course of history to save her. However, changing the past could have dire consequences for the present, and Ludovic risks losing the life he has worked so hard to rebuild with his new wife Parvana and their son Sam.

If Vortex takes us on a breathtaking race against time, the advanced technology used for the needs of the scenario is cleverly put at the service of emotions. Indeed, it is in the virtual reality room that Ludovic will be able to find Mélanie on the beach of Corsen, where she died 27 years ago. Significantly strong scenes that required special care.


The crime scene and the space-time fault are located on a beach in Brittany where Mélanie lost her life. Therefore, Mélanie and Ludovic are in the same place, but in two different periods. She on the beach in 1998 and he in the virtual reality room recreating the same beach in 2025.

To bring these sequences to life, the series used the same technology as The Mandalorian, and the green backgrounds were replaced with LED walls. Corsen Beach was then fully mapped before being reconstructed at Epinay Studios in a specific set including the following sets: a 15 by 6 meter LED screen on which images of the reconstructed beach were projected in 3D or tiles, 10 tons of sand. as well as fake rocks similar to those on the beach in Brittany to provide the actors with total immersion.

In total, more than forty sequences were made entirely in virtual production, as director Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun revealed to us during the promotion of the series. And to clarify,The main element of this is that Ludovic can never smell it when he meets Mélanie on the beach because he is in a virtual reality room. And this is part of the respect for the fantastic universe that we had imposed on ourselves. So when we’re with her in this virtual reality room, Mélanie gets the smell, but not him. On the other hand, when we are with him at the beach, it can be dark, even raining, because we are not in virtual reality.

Whether from Ludovic’s virtual angle or Mélanie’s photorealistic angle, the director had to adapt the LED wall technology to the perspective he was in. “Suddenly it will be 3D, suddenly it will be flat to really be in something that was filmed on the beach“, he explains.

Finally, Vortex has more than 450 fake plans. Enough to present a series as ambitious and innovative, which shows that even in France you can do fantastic things.

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