Peter Schiff criticizes MicroStrategy’s recent bitcoin purchases

Sunday, January 01, 2023 ▪ at 11:00 ▪
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High-energy cryptoskeptic Peter Schiff never takes a break. It’s hard to say how much of his criticism he’s directed at bitcoin fans and crypto enthusiasts in the 12 months of 2022. But before ending the year on a high, he dropped a ticking bomb on the ecosystem of Bitcoin. Michael Saylor.

Peter Schiff pits MicroStategy shareholders against Saylor

Shares of MicroStrategy are said to be falling sharply

#MicroStrategy shares just hit a 52-week low again, down 90% from February 2021 record. Shareholders will pay dearly because of @saylor for his #Bitcoin obsession. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a 90% discount is a good buy. is not alone a saleit is a sale to close the business. »

According to this tweet from the provider of inappropriate gift For Christmas Enthusiast, Peter Schiff, Michael Saylor’s passion for bitcoin would affect the trust placed by MicroStrategy shareholders.

U°Today, which closely followed the bitcoin hater’s attack, found that the $MSTR company’s shares are down 90% from their February 2021 ATH, trading at just $136.63. However, that’s the price MicroStrategy’s stock is trading at right now.

To say that a week ago he shared with his 890,000 followers on Twitter ” real reason which would have prompted Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy to buy bitcoin.

It’s clear that Shifi only has eyes for gold

First time hearing @saylor admit that adding #Bitcoin to @MicroStrategy’s balance sheet was basically a Hail Mary to avoid the company going into liquidation. If the only thing $MSTR has going for it is a speculative bitcoin position, then it has nothing going for it. »

In other words, Shifi would lead them to destruction, and at a very high speed.

Bitcoin (BTC) at any cost

We are not aware that MicroStragegy just offered additional bitcoins in a carry market environment. At the time of writing, this company founded by Michael Saylor is said to hold 132,500 BTC.

Additional Bitcoins in MicroStrategy Wallet

What stands out in all this is Michael Saylor’s stubbornness. Indeed, he does not hesitate to reserve bitcoin regardless of its price. Peter Schiff who strongly believes incryptocurrency crash no opportunity is lost to denigrate such a choice on the part of a company which must think about the dividends of its shareholders.

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