MOBALPA rises in Mayenne

MOBALPA, French concession specializing in housing development opened a new store in Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne in the Pays de la Loire region on December 9.


Mobalpa, Unique, like you

Personalized spaces, just like you.

François Millet, now in charge of the Laval store, is continuing to network around this rapidly expanding city.

François Millet: A varied, rich and definitive journey

native of Laval, Francois Millet grew up in a familiar environment with the MOBALPA network. His father, a designer then a manager, passed on to him a true passion for work, involvement and dedication to this brand.

After studying sales and first experience in a telemarketing company, François joined the team then run by his father to become a salesman and find fulfillment in working life. The click was immediate: he was made for the job.

His enthusiasm is so great that he declares: “I had the best possible training since I was trained by the MOBALPA brand and my father. »

For more than 12 years, MOBALPA with many merchants evolves side by side with his father and manages to acquire the knowledge and experience that allow him to run a shop with an iron fist. In 2012, the father retired and passed the torch to his son, who held the position of store manager. Therefore, this inheritance will allow François to expand his management skills and develop his experience. It wasn’t until 2018 that the venture became an ambition when it officially relaunched management of the Laval store with the retirement of the chief executive.

Innovation, development: nothing stops his thirst for entrepreneurship

François Millet is not a “classic” leader. The thirst for entrepreneurship becomes a real driving force for his projects.

Once taken over, the store changes location to be located in a most attractive area. The young entrepreneur is in the best position to know that the location of the store is a real incentive for the development of his activity. He then begins to make the changes he feels are necessary to achieve his goals.

Mayenne network continues on Chateau-Gontierlocated in the south of the department: “I think it’s time for me to take an important step to become essential in this sector,” he reveals.

Château-Gontier is a town with great potential heritage but also social. Endowed with an exceptional quality of life, it represents an exceptional terrain for housing development. Therefore, continuing with the same momentum requires even greater challenges for François, such as finding an ideal location to respect the brand image and the success of the first store.

The young entrepreneur decides to take over a newly built buildinga few steps from Leclerc Shopping Centera dynamic and active area.

An acquisition of value: the progression of success

With a total area of ​​300 m², including 245 m² of retail space, this new store MOBALPA respects the key elements of the brand. It is equipped with a virtual reality environment, 50 m² apartment, design environment and an inspiration area.

As a good manager, François decides to perpetuate a tradition: to develop team members from within. It’s a way to retain employees and give everyone a chance to become, in turn, future entrepreneurs alongside MOBALPA. Christelle Butter is an example of this. She is a saleswoman from the Laval outlet, which he offers to co-manage the new store with her. She will be supported by Noémie, an assistant recruited to become a bride designer-salesman :

I look forward to passing on my knowledge to my teams to make this outlet as successful as the Laval store.”says Christelle.

If you are interested in landscaping and want to create your own MOBALPA Concessiongo to the network introduction page for more information.

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