Lovehoney announces bad trends for 2023

2023 promises to be a new step for the worse Honey love.

The company indeed seems to have ambitious plans for its sexual health products. According to the sextech giant, it has conducted a global study so that it can best meet the needs of its customers. Get ready, because it’s going to be a hot year!

A year of sexual awareness

Knowing how to live in the moment with full sexual awareness is the new trend that the online sex toys and lingerie store is planning for 2023. This state of mind aims to involve more self-centered interaction.

For those with a partner, it involves focusing on the other and on their own body. The goal is to truly live in the moment of bliss, without feeling pressured to perform or reach orgasm. Simply put, sexual consciousness is enjoying the journey to the fullest rather than seeking a destination at all costs. To achieve this, both partners will have to get to know each other by devoting more time to their relationship.

The product announced to accompany you in this experience seems already familiar. of The OG woman it can really deliver the biggest orgasms through G-spot stimulation.

Communication, the basis of any healthy and fulfilling relationship

Openness and dialogue are the two key words of 2023. Feminist and LGBT movements have done a lot to break taboos in recent years. According to this community, our body should no longer be a sentient subject. Apparently, Lovehoney agrees with these remarks.

With new sexual trends, a couple will finally bring up sex, female pleasure, masturbation and menstruation as topics of conversation. Knowing how to openly talk about your wants and needs with your partner is really the best way to have fun and give them. By emphasizing communication, a couple will create a healthier and more satisfying relationship.

The current generation seems more open to discussion than their elders. This may be due to different modes of expression. A global survey conducted by the company cites the Internet as a source of information, up to 39%, on sexuality and masturbation. Suffice it to say, it’s close to the evidence (41%) for 18- to 24-year-olds. Zoomers also turn more to what the web has to offer, despite the filters on social networks and other platforms.

Place for purposeful intercourse and sexual fantasy

Lovehoney is part of the objective of reducing secret dating to create a quality relationship. After two years of separation and isolation, singles seem more interested in purposeful encounters than casual ones.

They prefer to connect emotionally through deep discussions and conversations. Take all the time you need, get to know your partner, his wishes, his desires. In these conditions, they manage to create an intimate relationship ensuring better sexual compatibility.

Most women fantasize about romantic, passionate or meaningful sex, but also about intimacy in public places. In contrast, the male fantasy leans towards sex with a stranger or sex friend and oral sex. Admittedly, sexual desires have existed since the dawn of time, but talking about them and acting on them is part of a general trend to destigmatize sexuality. The whole point of dating apps, then, is to help foster deeper intimacy.

late is a concrete example. This app invites its users to openly share their tastes and preferences from the start of communication.

New trends that allow exploration of the body

The sextech giant aims to invite its customers to explore a part of the body that is still quite taboo. It’s about anal pleasure. As with any action involving the body, you and your partner should first discuss it beforehand and give your consent.

Out of fear, out of disgust, in fact, there are plenty of reasons to say no. More curiously, the anal area can be a pleasant playground for men and women. Lovehoney’s study reveals that the prostate is one of the most underrated male erogenous zones. The results showed that four out of five men don’t even know it’s a pleasure zone.

For your greatest pleasure, start exploring this body part in 2023 with the new sex trends from Lovehoney. In case your partner doesn’t feel ready to try it with you, you can start your exploration by masturbating with a toy. The company also announces We-Vibe Vector+ with its shape designed to stimulate the rectal area. Know that anal masturbation is far from a sprint. Rather, it is a journey of discovery.

Many products with remote control

Lovehoney is preparing to rely on the latest technological innovations to deliver news articles. Sex toys have long been found in bedrooms. Some brands currently offer shared experiences, using technology to enjoy your sex life.

Hence the existence of toys that can be controlled remotely by his partner. They make it possible to overcome distance by combining physical pleasure and technology. This is why a good number of consumers will continue to expect smart and connected sex toys in the future.

On the one hand, the pandemic has created cyber and virtual experiences that merge the digital and analog worlds. Therefore, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) have emerged. Their aim would be to change the way we consume in the future.

As in the case of augmented reality, we can test glasses, place furniture in an apartment or practically try on clothes. Consumers will also be able to purchase dildos, vibrators and anal plugs without having to leave the comfort of their homes through the metaverse.

To buy a sex toy, many people want to see different shapes and sizes. This actually allows them to choose the product that best suits their needs.

2023, a good year for the more tech-savvy among us

Since we currently live in a more complex world that cannot be separated from technology, Lovehoney has also entered the metaverse Decentraland, a completely digital and brand new world. The company also offers a pop-up shop on the platform for sexual exploration.

Spanning four floors, the space offers an immersive and comprehensive brand and product experience. There are also educational videos, workshops, a dance floor, as well as an exhibition and auction of NFT erotic art.

Beyond the sexual experience itself, the Lovehoney metaverse would also be a great way to be able to express yourself freely. It is also possible to take a sex education class.

People naturally see entertainment as the only avenue for sex technology, but there is also great potential for sex education, sexual wellness, and sexual health support in the metaverse.Says Bryony Cole, a global sex technology expert at Lovehoney.

Additionally, the combined anonymity and privacy of this platform allows people to engage more with this topic where they might not feel comfortable in real life, allowing more people to be educated. »

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