Internet: how many wifi repeaters to cover an entire house?

Even though you’ve subscribed to an internet box, which therefore has Wi-Fi access, it happens that certain rooms in your house don’t get enough – or even any – signal. Also called “white zones”, these places may require the installation of a wifi repeater. The question is: how many wifi repeaters are needed for optimal coverage, depending on your home? The explanations.

You want to watch a series while you cook, listen to music while taking a bath or answer emails from your bedroom upstairs. The problem: some rooms in your home don’t get internet from your box in your entryway or living room. To be able to take advantage of all the freedoms and activities offered by a fluid connection, such as watching streaming movies on platforms, listening to music on Deezer, communicating with loved ones online, it is essential to have a Wi -Fi fast and stable all the time. housing. But then, in this situation, what to do? To fill these “white areas”, there is a very specific solution: wifi repeaters.

Wifi repeater: a solution that can be very useful

In concrete terms, a wifi repeater is a small box that allows you to boost your box’s internet coverage when certain places in your home are “out of range” of the wireless network. It is very useful, as it allows you to “repeat” the wifi signal of your box, broadcast it to the corners of your house that do not receive it, or not enough. For it to work perfectly, you should try to place it in the best possible place. To do this, you will have to try several configurations, until you find its final place. The key is to place it neither too close nor too far from your box so it doesn’t interfere with the original grid coverage of the room and covers all the white areas.

How many wifi repeaters for optimal internet coverage?

In some apartments, very large or on several floors, it may be necessary to install several wifi repeaters. But then, how do you know if you should choose more than one box in your home? We enlighten you. First of all, you should know that hosting configuration is crucial for internet network coverage. In reality, the need to buy one or more wifi repeaters depends on several inherent characteristics: the thickness of the walls, the number of square meters, the layout of the rooms, the number of floors are all elements that affect the Wi-Fi coverage. It is especially recommended to have a wifi repeater per floor in a house. And here is what is recommended in terms of surface area:

For accommodation less than 70 m2

If your accommodation does not exceed the area of ​​70 m2, you will not need, except in special cases (for example thick walls), to be equipped with a wifi repeater; The range of your box alone should be enough to deliver an effective internet signal to all rooms.

For accommodation between 70 m2 and 120 m2

If you live in an apartment whose total area is between 70 m2 and 120 m2, in order to cover all its corners, you will certainly need to install a wifi repeater.

For accommodation over 120 m2

For an apartment of more than 120 m2, two wifi repeaters should be needed, to benefit from the optimal network coverage.

How to install your wifi repeater with SFR & Me?

The good news for happy owners of a state-of-the-art SFR Box 8 is that they will benefit from Smart WiFi repeaters which can be installed in two steps, three moves thanks to the SFR & Me app. Once you have your SFR credentials, here are some steps to follow:

  • Open the SFR & Me app;
  • Identify yourself;
  • Press the “Smart WiFi” button;
  • Press “Install my repeater”;
  • Follow the instructions.

These smart WiFi repeaters for SFR Box 8 allow all members of a family to benefit from the power of Wi-Fi 6, on all devices, without interruption and regardless of the size of the house. Cherry on the cake? These accessories are available as an option for only 3 euros per month per unit (no commitment) at SFR!

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