In the series “Vortex”, Tomer Sisley proves that love is stronger than time

In 2025, police officers can study crime scenes from any angle in virtual reality rooms. After a murder committed on the beach where his wife Mélanie was found murdered twenty-seven years ago, Ludovic (Tomer Sisley) discovers that he can use this technology to communicate with her days before his death! Separated by more than a quarter of a century, they will investigate together to discover the identity of the killer and perhaps save Mélanie, even if it means changing the future life of Ludovic, who has founded a family of cloud.

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What will happen after this commercial?

after Balthazar (TF1) and his iconoclastic medical examiner, whom he will find for the fifth and final season on January 19, here is a new detective series for Tomer Sisley, but in a radically different style, which this time mixes thriller and science fiction. “If I were to remake Balthazar, I definitely wouldn’t have accepted it. explains the actor. TF1 offered me a number of other projects to try to keep me on the channel and not shooting France 2, but it was hard to refuse. »

What will happen after this commercial?

Especially since Vortex offers the actor the opportunity to play a double role: Ludovic of 1998 and that of 2025, with questions that resonate with the actor about the possibility of changing his life or not: “It’s everything I’ve been through that has made me who I am today. I’ve had some not-so-pleasant moments like many people, but they’re a part of me and I probably wouldn’t have the same strength if I hadn’t experienced all of that. »

A technological challenge

The actor also identified with this character who lost the love of his life: “I was madly in love with the one I married today. I knew that she was the woman of my life, but at one time we broke up and I lived seventeen years without her. I was unhappy, borderline depressed. And yet she was not dead! So I could easily project myself into the shoes of poor Ludo, who was forced to start a new life. » With influences ranging from Prohibited frequency to The butterfly effect via Ghost, Vortex it really creates a lot of themes behind its more classic police intrigue.

What will happen after this commercial?

What will happen after this commercial?

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The project was originally born under the pen of the novelist Franck Thilliez, before being revived with the arrival of young screenwriters Camille Couasse and Sarah Farkas, who introduced the idea of ​​virtual reality rather than a simple computer. Hence a technological challenge for the director Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun, who wanted to shoot the many sequences that were supposed to take place on a Breton beach in a room equipped with high-resolution screens: a technique similar to that used especially in the series . Star Wars – The Mandalorian but it has never been used to such a degree in a French production.

“The whirlwind sequences are the emotional backbone of the show, it’s the love story that plays out there. explains the director. It is unfortunate that there is still a somewhat negative prejudice about the ability in France to do fantasy and produce high-quality special effects. »

Vortex, by Camille Couasse and Sarah Farkas, with Tomer Sisley, Camille Claris, Zineb Triki. 6 episodes of 52 minutes. Monday, 21:10 (already available on

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