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Posted on 07/12/2022 by PCF

The National Council approved the orientation text entitled “Communist Ambition for Happy New Days”. You will find the preamble of this text below (p. 3), fragments from the opening text of the session by Marie-Jeanne Gobert (p. 4), fragments from the report of Christian Picquet (p. 5).


The world and France are facing colossal challenges. The challenge is to take them, to turn the page on an order taken by convulsions, that of globalized and financialized capitalism.

Humanity is at a turning point in its history. Crises, economic and ecological, food and health, social and societal, political and democratic, are intertwined and pose dire threats. Inequalities are widening, climate change is causing great damage, international relations are being militarized. The war in Ukraine brings back the specter of world war, almost everywhere the forces of reaction are stirring up hatred, racism and identity panic. In defense of social rights, equality between women and men, climate justice, democracy, important popular movements are nevertheless manifesting, showing that resignation has not prevailed in the face of a barbaric order.

In France, a minority government plunges the country into a systemic crisis to protect the interests of capital. The confrontation between capital and labor continues to deepen; the right and extreme right compete with racist and liberticidal speeches to divide society and prevent a popular majority from forming and being able to challenge the government. But fear engendered by a chaotic capitalist globalization and mass distrust of political representation coexist with forces available for counterattack, the vast majority of the country aspires to profound change.

Never as today, the communist project will have been so relevant. Never has there been so much need for a merger to reverse the trends towards attraction and competition of all against all. Never has the need for a way of development that abandons the endless drain on our resources to meet ecological and climate challenges been more urgent. Never has the perspective of individual and collective emancipation, which is the foundation of the communist idea, of a radically new civilization, based on the development of all human capacities, corresponded so much to the expectations emerging in the company. We will never have been so justified in claiming communism as a historical goal and a path of war.

We want our party to be an increasingly effective instrument in the service of this universal ambition. During their 38th Congress, the members of the PCF had decided to work for the renewal of French Communism, to overcome the danger of its obliteration. It is now about expanding the efforts of the last four years, which, despite many difficulties, such as those caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, have started our redistribution and restored visibility to the PCF and its ideas, emphasizing our presidential election campaign. . It is up to us to take concrete decisions, with the aim of being a great popular party, revolutionary and capable of carrying out campaigns of action and battles of ideas.

We hold the communist ambition of the new Happy Days, of a France that reconnects with the right to happiness.

It is precisely with this objective that the main axes that make the originality of the PCF and structure its action to meet the demands of the moment are proposed here: revolution in work, production and consumption; promoting the common good through public service; new international relations based on sharing, cooperation and peace; The new republican pact, a source of new decision-making rights for citizens and workers, to take power over capital. Likewise, in order to gain a political majority in the service of deep and lasting changes, we want to initiate a popular dynamic capable of uniting the world of work and creation, all those and all those who have an interest in common to overcome an increasingly destructive capitalist. model. This is the proposal we hold for France, for the people, for the left, but also in Europe and the world.

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