Fiat launches a virtual trader in the metaverse

The Italian brand renews with the launch of the Fiat Metaverse Store, the first virtual exhibition of an automotive brand in the metaverse…

fiat completes the digital contact points with its customers, with the launch in Italy of Fiat Metaverse Store, the first virtual showroom of a car brand in metaverse :

“At Fiat, we are once again at the forefront of providing our customers with an innovative and stress-free brand experience. In true Fiat style, the Fiat Metaverse Store is the first of its kind in the automotive sector. It is a magical experience: an immersive human journey into the world of Fiat. Simple and user-friendly, following the idea of ​​’easy technology’ and accessible to everyone, thanks to its technology”said Olivier François, CEO of Fiat and Global Marketing Director of Stellantis.

Fiat Metaverse Store: what is it?

This is the first time such a device has seen the light of day in the automotive market: the Fiat Metaverse Store is the world’s first interactive showroom in the metaverse, which offers a comprehensive and simple brand experience for customers.

This virtual dealership allows visitors to meet a “Product Genius” from Fiat, a real person who is available to answer all customer queries in real time. To meet customers’ needs and to accommodate their free time, this Product Genius Customer Advisor is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. All you have to do is make an appointment on the Fiat website.

Fiat Metaverse Store: The new Fiat 500 in the spotlight

After connecting to the Fiat Metaverse Store, the customer is welcomed by the Product Genius, who invites him to discover the new Fiat 500 La Prima by Bocelli and its 360° panoramic view technology, while answering all his questions on electric mobility, charging and any other information about the new 500 electric. The customer can then customize your electric city car selecting his body, his color, his interior in order to discover his car in real time, then place an order directly online.

A virtual driving experience is also offered on the new board Fiat 500 at “Pista 500”, the famous rooftop circuit at Fiat’s Lingotto premises in Turin, Italy. The online experience can also be complemented by a physical experience, as the customer can decide to make an appointment at their nearest retailer for a real proof.

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Fiat Metaverse Store: promising technology

By the end of the year, the entire Fiat 500 range will be available in this virtual showroom, which will then welcome the entire range of the Italian brand in the first half of 2023. If the Fiat Metaverse Store experience is not he currently proposed that he will be in Italy soon in other European markets.

The Fiat Metaverse store was developed in collaboration with Touchcast and Microsoft, who designed this experience for the Fiat brand: this platform allows Fiat customers to access the metaverse, without the need for virtual reality headsets or specialized equipment. With its Metaverse store, Fiat continues its search for one simplified and innovative customer journeyin line with the simplification strategy that can also be found in its new range.

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