Brive: the aggregation considers the Orange placement to be incorrect

Brive Group held a press conference on December 6 to warn of delays in the fiber deployment from Orange. And the current carrier could still get up to 3 additional years according to estimates.

Orange should fiber the collection of Brive-la-Gaillarde 100%, it is anyway the promise that was made in 2011 and that is far from being implemented today.

Indeed, during a press conference, elected officials decided to question the incumbent as well as Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne about the failure of the deployment.

Promises not kept for a decade

At the time, Orange had responded to the Call for Demonstration of Intent to Invest (AMII) launched by the state and the operator had promised 100% coverage of the agglomeration by 2020. Orange had even promised full coverage of Brive-la-Gaillarde for the year 2018.

But the schedule was not really adhered to as there were still 6,000 plugs to be installed in the agglomerations in total. Considering the 2022 deployments, ie 170 received per month on average, this would represent three additional years, i.e. 100% completion by 2025. This would push the delay to 7 years in total for Brive municipality or 5 years. for the municipalities of the agglomeration.

Worse yet, deployments during the month of October scare elected officials as the incumbent only made 20 plug-ins during the month. With that level of commitment, it could take even longer.

plugs made connected since 2021 in Brive

Monthly production of catches in the Brive agglomeration – CABB

For the Brive agglomeration, the situation is problematic, especially since some of the surrounding municipalities are located by DORSAL and in this perimeter, the municipalities are 100% fiber from the infrastructure operator, including very rural areas, thus showing that there are no difficulties. in setting. Therefore, the elected are asking about the real cause of the delays, is there any difficulty or should he try to save some by delaying deployments that have not been completed?

Delays regardless of plugs connected on demand

For its part, Orange had informed the agglomeration in 2019 that based on article L33-13 of the KPPK, “100% of housing will be connected by the end of 2020, with the exception of a maximum of 15% of so-called “housing”.can be connected on request”.

This matches well with deployments in Brive which reached 89.74% on 1 November 2022, but Orange had made a commitment to get these premises connected by 31 December 2022 at the latest. The number of premises missing is approx. 3,400. It is unlikely that Orange managed to get them connected between November and December.

Distribution of fibers within the field of Orange – CABB

Orange must take over the construction site

The agglomeration community will summon Orange by drafting a counter-affidavit before launching a legal process against him. Also, a letter will be sent to Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

The letters will be used to prove the non-compliance of Orange’s commitments as well as to request the implementation of the sanctions provided for in the contracts. These fines can go up to 25 million euros, counting 1,500 euros for an unattached dwelling and 5,000 euros in the case of premises for professional use, as well as 450,000 euros for the rear area without full placement.

An ultimatum will also be issued to the operator to complete the placements. There will be an additional period of six months and in the event that nothing has been done by now or it is still late by the summer of 2023, DORSAL will resume work.

Letters sent to Elisabeth Borne

CABB_Letter to the Prime Minister

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