“We connect supply and demand for work” (Stéphanie Benard Chauvet, Cité des Métiers)

Located near the Old Port, in Marseille’s second arrondissement, the Cité des Métiers – one of 25 in Europe – occupies an impressive building with large reflective windows. We welcome you here anyone who needs support for their professional project “, explains Stéphanie Benard Chauvet, general manager of this structure labeled by the Cité des Sciences de Paris La Villette. And to quote: it could be a school student looking for an orientation, a job seeker looking for work or an employee wanting to retrain “. Whether through support or activities, such as job interview preparation workshops, or stress management.

Un work already carried out by employment actors, including Pôle Emploi or local missions. But Cité des Métiers’ ambition is not to replace them. Rather to bring them together around a showcase location. ” Our goal is to be one. A trading city does not exist without its partners. We will seek experts in employment, orientation, training, business creation and bring them together to support our audience..

Address labor shortages in certain occupations

Listening to the latter, the city is also attentive to the needs of businesses. This may be to help them recruit people with the right skills and training into new occupations, all of these “new occupations linked to changes in techniques and uses” and requiring ” qualifications and diplomas “. But also to attract new profiles in jobs in tension. Professions in tension, which must be remembered, are particularly related to the health, construction, hotel and restaurant sectors. With local specifics: In Vaucluse, we are looking for many people in the food industry and in agriculture. In Alpes-Maritimes, Var and Bouches-du-Rhône, there are needs in the maritime economy “.

To help companies meet their needs, Cité organizes various themed events. He also designs tools using new technologies, such asor Immersiv’job software, co-built with the Aix-based company’s 2J process.

A virtual reality tool to break stereotypes about jobs

It is a virtual reality tool that allows you to immerse yourself in four business environments: a factory, a warehouse, a hospital and a construction site. And for some of these professions you can also perform the professional gesture. This means, like a video game, you are a crane operator, a caretaker…” UIt is a way of questioning some of the prejudices from which professions suffer, starting with gender stereotypes that exclude certain professions from being possible in the minds of the public, depriving these professions of a significant part of the workforce. possible.

To give more impact to its tool, Cité des Métiers wants to add new virtual environments. and thus extend it to a whole host of professions, especially innovative ones “.

And digital isn’t the only way to test a trade. The Cité des Métiers also advocates the use of internships and work study programs. ” Royal roads to enter the trade. This allows the company to cultivate young people “. Young people who can meanwhile test yourself on skills and evolve. In addition, it is a way of financing studies and for some young people it is a vector of social ascent. “.


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