5 tips that are as little known as they are essential

It would be a real shame to settle for just minimum with Google Drive. The cloud office suite contains a bunch of little “tips and tricks” that can quickly become essential on a daily basis. Did you know that you can, for example, quickly embed an image to embed it directly into a web page, perform advanced searches on your files, or even restore the previous state of a particular file?

In this file we take a look at 5 little-known tips that we think can change how you use Google Drive.

1. How to get the direct (true) link to a file or an image?

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You already know: you can host many files in Google Drive. However, even with the sharing link and the necessary authorizations, it seems a priori impossible to integrate an image located in Google Drive on a third-party site. Fortunately there is a trick that allows you to get a more direct link to your files located in Google Drive.

To get a direct link to any file in Google Drive:

  • Click on the share icon circled in red in the picture above

You’ll find this button in several places – you can also open the same window by right-clicking on the file and then Get the link

  • In category General approach choose All users who have the link and the option reader
  • Click on Copy the link
  • Paste it into a notepad
  • Now we need to transform the form link https://drive.google.com/file/d/[ID_DU_FICHIER]/view?usp=share to an address like https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=[ID_DU_FICHIER]

[ID_DU_FICHIER] represents a fairly long string of characters that will appear in the link you copied. This is the symbolic address of the file you want to insert. Address https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=[ID_DU_FICHIER] is the direct address of your file. If it’s an image, you can embed it directly into an html page with a tag .

2. How to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with Google Drive?

word google drive

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Google Drive makes paying for a Microsoft Office 365 license completely redundant. You can really easily create Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from Google Drive, or edit files created from the Microsoft suite directly in Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides, key equivalents.

Even more practical: if you already have Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides files in Drive, you can download them to the Microsoft Office version with a simple right-click. To open a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file in Google Drive, it couldn’t be simpler: just double-click on it.

In the same way you can save any document in its Microsoft Office equivalent. To do this, go to File > Download and select the appropriate format.

3. How can I perform an advanced search in Google Drive?

Advanced Google Drive search

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If your Google Drive has become over time an incomprehensible mess consisting of a bunch of files whose names do not help the classic search to find everything, do not panic. Just use the advanced search! So the trick is to simply click on the “mixer” icon to the right of the search field.

Note that with advanced search you are no longer limited to file name searches. You can actually search for terms that are directly in the body of your documents using the Contains Words field.

4. How to restore the previous state of a file in Google Drive?

Google Drive versions

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Google Drive has more than one advantage, and one of them is that the platform keeps a history of changes to your files. The service also makes it possible to restore the previous state of the file if necessary. The feature is very practical in case of joint work. If one of the contributors mistakenly deletes a part of the file, it is very easy to restore the previous version of the document with a few clicks.

To access versions of a file, two scenarios. If it’s a Google file:

  • Open the document
  • go to File > Version History > View Version History

For all other files:

  • Go to Google Drive to the location of the file
  • Right click on it
  • go to Version history

5. How to use comments in Google Drive documents?

The comments of

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Another very useful option, especially when working collaboratively on the same document: comments. In Google Docs you can comment on any text fragment. As well as in Google Sheets, or Google Slides. These comments can explain an edit, question the future editor on a passage, a formula, or embellish any section of the file with an external reference, news, Internet link, etc.

These comments appear on a post-it note in the document’s border. Therefore, good use of feedback can increase your team’s productivity, avoid unnecessary round trips and other meetings.

And you, you know another Google Drive trick that you use constantly in your work, use other services better or perform certain tasks faster with your documents? Feel free to share it in the comments. We will try to add it to this article in a future update.

Also, don’t hesitate to let us know what your favorite tip is after reading this article!

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