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As part of K-Metaverse 2022, we interviewed several startups in the world of VR, AR and XR. Metaverse Content Global Cooperation is a project supported by South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT so that national metaverse companies can expand internationally. The fifth company we met is pixelRo and we interviewed Kang Sunhak. or beginning Former Korean subsidiary of Samsung, which offers various solutions and technologies around vision protection and readability improvement. They recently launched an app that helps with exercise and eye health, helping to protect eye health and raise awareness.

What is pixelRo?

PixelRo is a spin-off startup created in 2017 as part of Samsung’s internal program. Focused on Samsung C-LAB experts, it has developed and offered a variety of vision protection products, readability enhancement solutions and healing.

From children to students to middle-aged people, we spend a lot of time on our screens. Even when you think you are relaxing lying on the couch, your eyes are still working hard. Although the screen is progressing to 8K, AR and VR in high definition, day by day the screen time is increasing and one starts wearing glasses or experiencing symptoms of presbyopia at a young age. In response to excessive screen time, pixelRo launched an app that helps with eye exercise and health. But it has also developed functional display solutions that keep your eyes healthy with in-app readability and presbyopia correction solutions.

The goal is to develop a display solution that can provide clear images and eye comfort even when looking at the screen for a minute.

Why does pixelRo offer a unique solution?

PixelRo introduced a mobile app and smartphone movie for presbyopic patients. Also filed a patent and marketed a “vision correction solution”. An emotional display solution developed based on professional optical technology and algorithms, attracting attention from related industries.

Their representative service, NENOON, is an eye care service application for users who are exposed to screens for a long time. NENOON app provides eye exercise services to maintain eye health based on eye tracking technology. It is characterized by the fact that the exercises can be repeated several times a day and anywhere.

At the same time, vision measurement and presbyopia test can be performed by self-test. This function is achieved using distance measurement and eye age measurement technology. As a result, users who want stable vision management and those concerned about presbyopia can control and respond to their eye condition.

The app is available on the AppStore in English, but it is still a beta version with many improvements to come.

What evolution for this project?

PixelRo’s goal is to create the app as a digital platform for eye care services. It is a function that allows you to measure the trend of your eye condition by keeping track of various tests and detect eye diseases in advance.

The NENOON app is an eye care solution that includes many original and revolutionary technologies. During the development process, we received professional medical guidance from ophthalmology professors from Seoul National University Hospital and Korea University Hospital to ensure high reliability and efficiency. We believe that the basis for entering the global market has been completed by supporting four languages ​​at the same time: Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.

Kang Sunhak of PixelRo

The brand is actively working with opticians, ophthalmologists and research institutes for future cooperation. The objective is to create international partners to start the expansion. But above all to raise their full service, recommendations from doctors or opticians to complete the experience.

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