National team 3: A slow victory for the Girondins (2-0)

Moved to the Alfred Daney Stadium, near Bassins à Flot, the reserves of Marine et Blanc won an important victory against Portes Entre-Deux Mers (the inter-municipal club south-east of Bordeaux) after a meeting away from possession. and marked by Bordeaux realism.

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Romain Ferrier’s men take third place with a late game in the Lège Cap-Ferret which will be played in early January.

It is sometimes said that only the result matters in football and this is undoubtedly what the Girondins fans will say to themselves, who witnessed this narrow but nevertheless essential success in the race for promotion to the National 2. This way was absolutely not the opposite . to Bordeaux efficiency, cruel in the eyes of visitors who leave with great regret.

In the coach’s defense there were many notable absences that could explain the shortcomings in the game for this match: De Lima, Pirringuel, Louis Jean, De Amorim or Biumla. The start of the match is one-sided, the men with the shoulder are not at the right pace, the right intensity. The opponents control the ball and conquer the Girondin camp. After a full penetration in the shaft, a pass is made between the two central Bordeaux for the striker who places a cross shot, beyond the reach of the goalkeeper, who is only saved by his own post (12). Guerric Bernou then interferes with a shot from a tight angle, pushing it for a corner (16).

Rocrou leaves injured and the match goes back to two minutes

Nothing to report from the Navy and Whites and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a good day with injury, likely Lucas Rocrou pulling off just before the half hour mark, replaced by Alexandre Fernandes. We are slowly approaching the first half with visitors who, despite the possession of the ball, are no longer dangerous on a difficult pitch. The meeting will then take on a completely unexpected and happy aspect for the Girondins.

In a harmless ball in the area, the opposing goalkeeper drops the ball at the feet of Joss Marques who only has to push the leather into the back of the net (1-0, 37th). The young U19 midfielder, similar to Rio Mavuba, did not ask for much for one of his first reserve team appearances. The referee is in the corner facing the odds claiming a foul on the goalkeeper. Still stunned by the goal and the sense of injustice, the visitors left alone Luc Essiena, another U19, who did not miss the opportunity to double the lead to return to the dressing room with the most generous advantage for the home team (2- 0, 39).

A second period all in management

Upon resumption, the game did not go away and remained closed with very few sequences from both sides, the game became tougher as well as the contacts. It gets more hectic and the Girondins seem to be in management mode for the gap created during the first act. You have to wait twenty minutes to get an opportunity worthy of the name.

A cross into the ground in the heart of the area saw the visiting striker see off Rayane Doucouré’s rebound denying him the opportunity to come back to score (64). But the big opportunity is for Cehaib El Moutawakil, who wins his duel against the team, but hesitates between the shot and the service of his partner Fernandes, ideally positioned before the counterattack from the defense (70).

The match is drawing to a close and the Entre-Deux Mers players are rushing forward to attempt a remarkable comeback leaving space for the Bordeaux counters. Fernandes collects a high-position ball and releases Tijany Atallah, who has just signed his professional contract.

He will be challenged trying to find his teammate in the area (92nd) then he will be on the receiving end of Ismaël Sow’s cross with his head into the keeper’s gloves (93rd). The score will no longer evolve under the eyes of Patrick Battiston.

The Girondins, thanks to this victory, are in third position only two points behind the leader, Chauvigny, which will be the next trip for our players for a duel at the top not to lose, next Saturday at 18:00 before than going on vacation. for the winter holidays.

Composition : Bernou – Younousse – Doucouré – Mouanga – Boudechicha – Marques – Atallah – Makagni (Jamal, 87) – Essiena (Sow, 87) – El Moutawakil (Grothe, 78) – Rocrou (Fernandes, 28)

Not entered : Bahoya (g)

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