MetaMask – Ready to abandon the Apple ecosystem and its “monopoly abuse”.

The evolution of the cryptocurrency industry is based on a vision Web3 of the internet. A still-difficult-to-determine mutation in which the Web2 giants have already entered, to escape the fate historically reserved for dinosaurs. The problem is that it is precisely their absence that is supposed to define this new decentralized digital space. And obviously, this paradigm shift will have to be painful. Because the co-founder of MetaMaskDan Finlay, calls for abandon (throw away) the Apple ecosystem.

In the cryptocurrency industry, Multinational Apple GAFAM is being done the main enemy to defeat. This is due to its corporate policy largely built around a careful shutdown of its features and services.

A dynamic in total opposition to the vision presented as Web3 of this decentralized digital economy, which is still trying to find a clear definition. And Apple’s unlikely willingness to tax NFT token transfer fees from coinbase wallet it seems to ignite the dust. Because the co-founder of MetaMask wallet, Dan Finlaysees it as an intolerable “abuse of monopoly”.

NFT Tokens

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MetaMask – Ready to “Undo Apple’s Ecosystem”

There are two distinct camps among today’s Internet giants. Those who adopt – and wish to absorb – cryptocurrencies and their derivative functionalities, such as Facebook recently became Meta. AND Abuse of Web2 monopoly by enthusiasts like Apple, determined not to give way to this emerging digital economy. A war of David against Goliath already lost in advance, according to some. But a real paradigm shift for others who see in this opposition the programmed death of a Web2 caught up in its excesses and privileges.

And it is definitely in this second camp that Dan Finlay, co-founder of the iconic MetaMask wallet. Partly because he realizes that after the improbable but still very real Coinbase wallet lockout, “all other wallets (will be) like this. Indeed, according to him, this obstacle to the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem represents an intolerable “mode of censorship”.. And to counter that, the crypto community needs to come together to “find a sustainable solution so that end users can continue to have freedom to transact and that technology can thrive.”

I will be absolutely supportive in this case. And I think MetaMask (MM) and all other wallets are next. I’m about to ditch the Apple ecosystem. Its 30% tax is an abuse of monopoly. Tim Cook donned the Big Brother disguise. »

Dan Finlay

NFT Tokens

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An ideological and radical stance by Dan Finlay, who joins only other symbolic opponents of this Apple policy. For example Tim SweeneyCEO of the company Epic games or Ryan Wyatt, head of Polygon Studios. All of the latter have the 30% racket imposed by Apple as part of every transaction carried out on it. App Store. However, at the same time, this commission was accepted by instagram as part of its integration of NFTs. The paradigm shift…

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