Art, culture and the virtual invite themselves closer to the residents thanks to Micro-Madness this weekend in Dozulé

La Micro-Folie offers the possibility of using devices that connect art, culture and the virtual. ©MC-Didier Plowy

Can you remind us what the Micro-Madness device consists of?

The Micro-Folie project is a device that revolves around a digital museum, in collaboration with twelve national cultural institutions, such as the Louvre, Center Pompidou, La Villette… This cultural platform is also composed of a Fab Lab, a virtual space ​​reality and a toy library. The objective is to create a space with multiple activities, accessible and warm and above all intergenerational. It is a way to revitalize our digital public spaces, because digital is constantly evolving, it is a way to bring something new to the cultural level and above all to play the proximity card. It is a project within the proximity pillar, a springboard for digital public space. The idea is to bring new relevant actions closer to the residents. The least young people can do to Micro-Madness is to encourage them to go to museums.

Is it a traveling virtual museum concept?

Yes, it is currently installed on Dozulé. We chose Dozulé because it is central in relation to rural municipalities, with schools managed by the NCPA. But there will be a circulation to reach the elect, families, all generations together. The device will then go to the municipalities. Some have already contacted us, such as Escoville, Victot-Pontfol, Hérouvillette, Merville-Franceville… They have taken the steps to plan the calendar for 2023, there is already a craze for this local culture.

Why did you organize this festival on Friday and Saturday in Dozulé?

This weekend’s event will serve to show the possibilities of Micro-Madness, with the artists present on the site, and how municipalities can take over this “museum that invites itself into our home” as I called it. Everything is open to the public, free of charge. There will be digital advisors, the team of Eric Gaté, digital manager at NCPA, will be a very strong moment. It will start this Friday afternoon. La Micro-Folie is installed in Dozulé until January 31, 2023, then it will pass to the municipalities that have requested it.

Young public, but also family or elderly, the Micro-Folie device is intergenerational.
Young public, but also family or elderly, the Micro-Folie device is intergenerational. © Digital Public Space of Normandy Cabourg Pays d’Auge

Will the proposals of Micro-Folie adapt to the needs and wishes of the municipalities?

Normandy Cabourg Pays d’Auge has signed a cultural contract with the department and the aim is to have celebrations, innovative micro-festivals, a way to mobilize and energize associations, festival committees so that they can add a piece of digital to the animations their, the tools. in which they do not necessarily have access to ordinary. There will also be activities with schools and leisure centers. And the broadcast of the opera La Traviata on December 16, in all Micro-Folies in France, simultaneously.

How much does this equipment cost for Normandie Cabourg Pays d’Auge?

The cost to NCPA is €55,000 for the purchase of the equipment, knowing that La Villette lends us elements for six months, until April 2023, when we will have the purchased equipment. We have submitted the financial aid files.

Will there be a revamp of the elements offered within this virtual museum and the modules that make up Micro-Madness?

With Micro-Folie we have around 250 modules, La Villette enriches this collection every year with several modules, so that there is a constant renewal. The renovation can also be related to the topics developed with the municipalities: gastronomy, tourism, music, etc. It is a long-term partnership.

Micro-Festival of Micro-Madness, Friday December 2nd from 4:30pm to 8:00pm and Saturday December 3rd from 10:00am to 5:30pm at the Fernand Seigneurie Cultural Center in Dozulé. Free access.

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