how to make a donation via the internet and smartphone

The telethon is the big event charity organized by the French Association against Myopathy (AFM-Téléthon). First organized in 1987, the event collects donations to fund research projects primarily in genetic neuromuscular diseasesbut also, in general, in others rare genetic diseases which affect more than three million people in France.

For five years, the event has raised around 85 million euros per year, which is a significant boost for research into these diseases. The telethon is organized in partnership with France Télévisions, which leaves the antenna of its channels to AFM-Telethon as well as the Lions Club for the duration of this television marathon. It is the most popular charity event in the world. Telethon alone collects about 3% of the French’s annual donations.

Who is presenting Telethon 2022 and who is the sponsor this year?

Like last year, the 36th edition of the Telethon will be presented by Sophie Davant and Nagui. They will be joined by comedian Kev Adams, who already appears in several videos related to the event. Beyond that, the event should bring together many of the most popular French singers, musicians and performers.

Where to watch Telethon 2022?

Telethon 2022 will be hard to miss on television. It will be broadcast from Friday, December 2, 2022 at 18:40 on all France Télévisions channels (in particular France 2 and France 3).

What is the Telethon 2022 program?

This year, Telethon will start on Friday, December 2, 2022 at 18:40 on the outskirts of the program. Everything is possible presented live by Sophie Davant and Nagui. There will be frequent hooks in the four ambassador cities selected this year for the event: Dijon (21), Lorient (56), Guebwiller (68) and Cassis (13).

Beyond that, here is the exact program that will be broadcast on France Televisions:

  • 2/12 6:40 pm. : Everything is possible – the start of the TV marathon (live)
  • 2/12 9:10 p.m : All on stage for Telethon – various spectacular numbers and performances (live)
  • 3/12 12:30 am. : Téléthon Gaming – event about video games and the multiverse (live, also broadcast on Twitch)
  • 3/12 01:55 : Until the end of the night for Telethon – testimony (live on France 2)
  • 3/12 06:30 : Telematin Special Telematin (France 2)
  • 3/12 09:30 : Light treatments (France 2)
  • 3/12 11:15 am. : Kev Adams on the field, in Dijon (France 2)
  • 3/12 1:35 pm. : Le grand Bain du Téléthon – reports and testimonials (France 3)
  • 3/12 6:40 p.m. : Let’s sing for the telethon (live on France 2)
  • 3/12 9:05 pm : Great Party Telethon (live on France 2)

How to make a donation to Telethon 2022?

It’s very easy to make a donation online or via smartphone. To do this:

  • Go to at any time and click on Make a donation. You can make your donation by credit card, check or via the Paypal payment solution.
  • You can also make a donation to the Telethon by texting “DON” to 92007
  • During the Telethon on television, you can also call the number 36 37 by phone (toll-free number from a landline)

Furthermore, it is also possible to send a check directly by post to AFM-Téléthon CS 60001 60509 CHANTILLY CEDEX. It is also possible to give live on the outskirts of an event in your city. Or deposit a check (or give by credit card) at a “donation point” at one of the 20,000 events organized across France during the Telethon.

All donations to the Telethon entitle you to a significant tax deduction. Companies can also make a donation to the association and benefit from a reduction in corporate tax. For example, for an individual, a donation of €80 costs only €27.20 after tax. A company that donates €100 will actually have spent €40 after tax.

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