The VERTU phone, the first Web3.0 model, originally priced at $3,600, has sold out, much to the company’s surprise.

LONDON, Nov. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Since the pre-sale of the METAVERTU phone began on October 24, the number of global reservations has exceeded 200,000 units and so far more than 40% of users have paid full price. . . Among them, the carbon fiber model, which is priced at USD 3600.00, is definitely the most popular, accounting for more than 90% of reservations. In addition, the high-definition crocodile model, which costs more than 6,500.00 USD, has also sold thousands of copies.

On November 4, VERTU announced a delivery delay on social media, explaining that since the opening of METAVERTU’s pre-sale, it had received impressive attention and anticipation from consumers, even going beyond the company’s expectations. Due to the strong enthusiasm for purchasing this phone and the number of bulk orders, VERTU is forced to delay the shipment to some customers due to the lack of stock.

According to a study by Counterpoint, the time to replace a phone has increased from 24.3 months at the beginning of 2019 to 31 months today. It was widely believed that the mobile phone industry lacked innovation and that consumers were less and less eager to switch phones. So it’s no wonder that phone makers haven’t stockpiled enough. VERTU however remains in search of new technologies and strives to combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology, and this is what makes METAVERTU a successful revolutionary product. In just ten days, the first batch of shares would already be sold.

As the world’s first Web3.0 phone, METAVERTU has excellent configuration: Snapdragon 8Gen1 microprocessor, 18GB RAM, 1TB internal memory, 10000GB distributed memory, main camera with IMX787 sensor with 35mm focal length, telephoto camera with 9x and X-optical engine. competitive. But if it was just that, it couldn’t be called a Web3 phone.

METAVERTU is at the origin of “twin systems”, an innovation that consists in the integration of two systems in just one phone; thus, users can enter the world of Web3.0 with one click by fulfilling their daily Android needs. In addition, many exclusive applications are present to help users enjoy the Web3.0 world, such as VSHOT for chained photo shooting, international high security chip with built-in value and more. Therefore, all these applications prove it for mining.

The Web2.0 era has brought an abundance of opportunities and changes. But now we see less and less innovation. With the launch of METAVERTU, the world’s first Web3.0 phone, we have a further glimpse of the possibilities that the Internet and the mobile phone industry will offer us in the future. It can be a new ocean of innovation.

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Director of Public Relations

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