Icon 911 enters the world of Web3


Porsche: the iconic 911 enters the world of Web3

In the era of time, car manufacturer Porsche is for its part entering the world of Web3 with a first NFT collection.

It is during Art Basel 2022 in Miami that the German manufacturer will have the opportunity to reveal more information about its first steps in the world of Web3. after Lamborghini in collaboration with INVNT Group, the “Genesis” collection from McLaren or Bentleya new luxury car brand is lending itself to the digitization game with various projects around NFTs (non-fungible tokens) but not only.

For this, Porsche is preparing a journey for you, a journey entirely dedicated to co-creation and community, which takes us to a place where the digital and physical worlds blend seamlessly.

This course, designed for the creative, the adventurous and the ambitious“, it is about 3 steps:

Step one: 911, a real icon turned virtual

An eternal icon. A machine born from the relentless pursuit of a dream. A car that broke boundaries and defied convention. From now on, the 911 embarks on a new journey, guided by your passions.

During this phase, Porsche will put up for sale no less than 7,500 NFTs of its legendary Porsche 911, which will give their owners access to exclusive rewards.

“The NFT artworks allow us to bring our understanding of modern luxury and the unique positioning of the Porsche brand to the digital world. », Detlev Von Platen, member of the Porsche Executive Committee responsible for sales and marketing.

Second stage: Three routes, for a unique journey

Holders will then be able to participate in the design of their individual NFT by choosing one of three themes offered by Porsche: Performance (A world driven by pure performance and adrenaline, inspired by the racing experience of Le Mans or Dakar), Inheritance (A journey into Porsche’s iconic past, full of charming details, immaculate materials and bold design statements) or lifestyle (A fun-filled journey, from beautiful nature and breathtaking art to glamorous nightclubs).

An important choice, as each route embodies a specific aspect of the Porsche brand identity and will influence the overall design and character of the NFT. Over the next few months, Hamburg-based 3D designer and artist Patrick Vogel, who will work based on user input to prepare each NFT as a separate 3D asset in the virtual world called « Unreal Engine 5“.

Step Three: Create your unique template

Depending on the instructions you provide, you can unlock a number of different design features. Step by step, your 911 will turn into a true iconic work of art, with over 150,000 different variants.

In it, you’ll gain access to the exclusive Discord and its community and be invited to a series of iconic physical and digital events, inviting you to build relationships with like-minded creators and thought leaders from around the Web3 world. .

Scheduled for 2023, learn more about this Porsche NFT and web3 adventure on the website nft.porsche.com.

Photo: ©Porsche

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