Holoride: we tried virtual reality in the car

Our colleagues from CNET.com had the opportunity to try out the video game platform at
virtual reality Holoride in a moving car. Here is their experience.

Playing VR games in the backseat of a moving car seems like a one-way ticket to motion sickness. However, Holoride has found a way to make this system work and is now selling the first packs to customers in Germany, with expansion into the US market planned for early next year.

We had the opportunity to test the service last week in New York, sitting in the back seat of an Audi SUV while wearing a helmet HTC Vive Flow while the team Holoride walked us around Manhattan for about 20 minutes.

Bluetooth connection to the car

The demo included a game called retort, in which we are transported to a space battlefield. Headphones were connected by
Bodybuilding in the car, and the game collected real-time acceleration, braking, steering and GPS position data so that the virtual world could correspond to the vehicle’s movements.. So when the driver returned, our ship returned. Being prone to motion sickness, we were surprised that we didn’t immediately feel sick. That said, it felt more comfortable facing forward most of the time. If we looked left when the driver was turning right, then we felt discomfort.

The Holoride team also made us try out a feature that allows us to watch videos
netflix or YouTube on the helmet, with a cinema screen that navigates a virtual landscape that follows the car’s movement. But this quickly gave us bad feelings and we took off the helmet.

Holoride is a spin-off of Audi

Holoride is a German-based company spun off from Audi. The first demonstration of this technology took place at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Since then, several experiments with the general public have been organized. But this is the first time Holoride technology has been commercialized.

Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of Holoride, explained to us how the software works. Not compatible with left and right rotation only. The virtual world loads differently depending on where you are, depending on the current landscape. A mountain in the game can be a building in real life. And a gap in the landscape can be a place where the driver can potentially turn.

Holoride is marketed as a 699 euro package which includes the headphones
HTC Vive Flow, an 8BitDo Pro 2 gamepad and a one-year subscription to the Holoride platform. For starters, it’s only compatible with the latest Audi cars.

It remains to be seen how big the content library will be after this first year, when Holoride drops its subscription to 20 euros. Note that in case the offer does not develop favorably,
the Vive Flow headset and gamepad will work with any other content and tools.

Holoride will need to work to expand the compatibility of its technology so that it works on some types of helmets and with some automotive systems. Nils Wollny promised announcements for the next CES in January 2023.

CNET.com article adapted from CNETFrance

Image: Richard Peterson/CNET

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