Elisabeth Borne uses it for the seventh time in 49.3 to finally approve the text

It was no surprise that Elisabeth Borne appeared at the Hemicycle on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 30th. While the Senate rejected on Tuesday the draft Social Security budget for 2023, the Prime Minister again initiated Article 49.3 of the Constitution in the National Assembly, this time in its entirety, to reach the final approval of the budget.

This is the seventh time since October that the government has used this constitutional weapon in a budget text, the fifth in the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS). Section 49.3 allows the executive to pass legislation directly without a vote. Its use is not limited within the framework of budget texts.

“Today, at the end of the review of the text and a few days from the end of the constitutional deadline, I again regret, as I have already done, that the positions have remained frozen. And that despite the advances, every opposition group has reaffirmed its desire to oppose the bill, whatever it contains, whatever it is.”said the prime minister on the podium.

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In a well-known political choreography, the leader of La France insoumise (LFI) deputies, Mathilde Panot, immediately announced the presentation of a seventh motion of censure by her group against the government. which will join other Nupe groups (socialist, communist and environmentalist).

The new motion of no confidence

“And 7! Seven 49.3 in six weeks (…) to force PLFSS and overcome hospital chaos and drug shortages”she wrote in particular in I tweetbefore justifying the appearance of “ seventh motion of censure to refuse guardians and users to be violated “.

The anger does not come only from the left-wing banks of the National Assembly. A day earlier, the Senate, with a majority from the right, approved by 264 to 65 a preliminary motion refusing to proceed with a new reading of the draft budget. “to mark our differences in form and substance,” explained the center’s reporter Elisabeth Doineau.

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“The systematic use by the government of the procedure defined in Article 49 paragraph 3 of the Constitution will not allow the integration, in the final reading, of new proposals from the Senate. “, the chosen ones complain. They were upset that there was a government “deleted” their changes “icon”, which included in particular the extension of the retirement age to 64 yearswhich they had passed in the first reading.

The Prime Minister had initiated the 49.3 procedure for the sixth time Friday, November 25 in the National Assembly, to approve the part “expenses” of PLFSS. For the sixth time there, the “rebel” deputies had presented a motion of no confidence in the government. which was rejected once again on Monday.

This Social Security funding bill notably foresees a sharp drop in the deficit to 7.2 billion euros in 2023 (17.8 billion this year), thanks to the meltdown of the Covid-19-related bill. The text specifically provides for prevention measures, medical deserts, or even savings for biology laboratories.

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