Crypto entrepreneurs pay a $600,000 statue to be ignored by Elon Musk

The entrepreneurs wanted to challenge their star, Elon Musk, in an original way to say the least. To promote their cryptocurrency, they made a huge statue of Elon Musk and delivered it in front of Tesla’s offices.

What is the best way to contact Elon Musk? For many, the obvious solution seems to be Twitter. The new head of the social network crossing a lot of time doing surveys and respond to user requests – even he dropped the subscription price from $20 a month to $8, after an exchange with Stephen King.

But some crypto entrepreneurs chose a different route to catch Elon Musk’s eye. According to the Wall Street Journalon the night of November 26, 2022, the group behind “Elon GOAT” cryptocurrency. sent a funny package to Tesla headquarters. A statue of several tons, representing Elon Musk in the body of a goat, wearing a Dogecoin necklace and installed in a rocket. Yes.

Elegant statue of Elon Musk. // Source: YouTube/Crypto Rizzy

A sculpture of Elon Musk and a monumental wind

The statue is unusual in many ways. 6 tons heavy, cost $600,000. The Dogecoin necklace is made of gold. The statue can be raised to pretend it is ready to be raised. It is even connected to gas cylinders, which allows flames to shoot out of the rocket.

The idea behind this eccentric (and unattractive) feat: to advertise the Elon GOAT cryptocurrency project. For now, it seems to be working: the statue is at the center of many discussions and joke on twitter, not to mention the people who came to admire the sculpture in front of Tesla’s premises. Several media outlets also filmed the handover, in addition to the Wall Street Journal report.

However, there is a downside: Elon Musk has yet to officially accept the statue, nor has he tweeted about it. The group of about twenty people who came to see the handover of the statue stayed until the late hours of the night in front of Tesla’s premises, without success. The founders of Elon GOAT don’t intend to stop there: they announced to the Wall Street Journal that they were already thinking about an event around Christmas.

While waiting for a tweet from the entrepreneur, Elon GOAT cryptocurrency remains little known. His website offers little information on its utility: in addition to the statue, there appears to be a “pro” platform project in the works, such as a collection of NFT. Although the project boasts that it is ” more than a meme “, nothing guarantees its seriousness.

A statue inspired by the joke on “GIA”

Another question deserves an answer: why such a design? In English, an expression has been used for some time by crypto fans to refer to a person they admire: “ goat “, acronym of “ the greatest of all time “, ” the best of all time “. Not much to do with the goat, which is also written “ goat in English, but the similarity between the two words is often used as a joke. Making Elon Musk’s head appear on the body of a goat is the best example of this, as is the name of the cryptocurrency.

A discreet decoration for your garden // Source: YouTube / Crypto Rizzy
A discreet decoration for your garden. // Source: YouTube/Crypto Rizzy

The Dogecoin Necklace is a direct allusion Elon Musk’s passion for this cryptocurrency. Dogecoin is essentially a joke, created in reference to mother doge, and its creators have repeatedly stated that it has absolutely no use. However, thanks to Elon’s many publicity stunts for Dogecoin, the latter did one of the highest valued crypto projects.

As for the rocket on which the sculpture is placed, it refers to another expression often used in the crypto community: “ on the moon », « until Monday “. The phrase, which acts like a mantra, is used to determine the success of a cryptocurrency whose price is expected to increase “ on the moon “.

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