how to maximize it on your website

E-commerce, professionals, brands, casinos, etc. put the security of their websites at the center of their priorities. Any transaction that requires payment, such as online shopping or trading, involves the provision of personal information. So what does providing data security consist of?

GDPR in three points

Websites need to collect information to improve their strategies and better meet the expectations of their targets. Internet users want maximum confidentiality of their personal data.

GDPR is General Data Protection Regulation. It is presented as the safest way to fulfill these two requirements. This is a reference text in force within the European Union. It requires the implementation of a number of important measures for the protection of personal data. It also includes the responsibility of sites that collect information in order to process it in order to improve or optimize services.

In practice, GDPR is defined on three bases. First, it is based on information and especially on obtaining the Internet user’s consent for the collection of his private data. Next, it requires the traceability and guarantee of maximum security of the collected information. Finally, it authorizes the user to modify, correct or delete his personal data.

Safety Indices

Ensuring the security of a website is of utmost importance. This limits data theft or loss. This approach also creates a sense of trust with the user and contributes to the consolidation ofe-reputation of the site.

In addition, Internet users are increasingly vigilant about the protection of personal data. So now there are security indexes to pay attention to: url and SSL certification.

Now, pages should present themselves with an https link instead of http. The added S stands for Secure, a promise of security. Therefore, the connection established between the site and the browser is very secure. This information reinforces the lock.

However, not all platforms have implemented this system yet. In this case, they use SSL certification for Secure Socket Layer. An SSL site means that the bank details provided are encrypted before they are transmitted to their recipient.

Data protection is used for sites that allow online payments. Online payment has become a common method. Online sales companies like Amazon have introduced it. Companies that manage wallets for online merchants have imposed it. Online games, online casino, online blackjack have approved it.

Towards optimal site security through access

There are several solutions to achieve maximum security against data theft. First, it is essential to limit access to the server as much as possible. The same applies to the administration area.

Stronger passwords are the best option. Generally, a strong password consists of a number, an uppercase letter, 8 characters and a symbol. Other options are available to enhance this access system.

Sites are now equipped with password management tools that offer several advantages. In particular, they make it possible to quickly and easily update access codes.

Other methods of securing the system

Regular and systematic software updates are essential to prevent any data loss or theft. It is particularly related to applications or operating tools. Outdated systems are inefficient or even dangerous. Choosing the right protocol also ensures that website security is maximized.

To optimize security on your website, you should also install regularly updated plugins. These tools are used to block malware and brute force attacks. They act as a firewall.

Finally, the web host should offer an effective anti-malware and anti-DDoS system. After all, hosting is the backbone of the system and there are many ways to attack it. A regular and reliable backup process for the platform should also be established.

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