Apple is only recruiting in one sector. PlayStation has reason to worry!

JVTech News Apple is only recruiting in one sector. PlayStation has reason to worry!

Faced with the economic crisis that is violently affecting Silicon Valley, Apple, like many of its competitors, has decided to freeze its employment. But the company is still recruiting in one sector in particular: that of virtual reality.

In recent weeks, Meta, Twitter and Amazon have been among the companies that have been the most talked about in their pursuit mass layoffs occurred within their various teams. Other high-tech firms have decided to respond employment freeze : this is the case of Google and Apple. However, the iPhone firm cannot afford to stop its recruitment altogether if it wants to quickly confirm its presence in a sector where it intends to launch in 2023, that is virtual reality and more specifically mixed reality.

Apple has a project to counter its PS5 and PSVR

According to Bloomberg, Apple has big ambitions for its headset that combines virtual reality and mixed reality planned for 2023. The company would be counted to develop its own “virtual world” and the most popular services of the firm should also be part of it : using FaceTime, Apple Plans or even Messages in mixed reality must be in the program. Of course, it will also be possible to have fun with the device.

Helmets must be equipped with more than a dozen cameras, have an image definition never seen before in a consumer VR headset, and be equipped with an M2 chip similar to that found on high-end Macs, meaning that the device will be autonomous like the Meta Quest models. He should take advantage of it realityOSa version of iOS designed specifically for Apple VR/AR headsets.

However, the price of the device must be very high since Bloomberg suggests a positioning between $2,000 and $3,000. More expensive than Meta Quest Pro which already flirts with 1800 euros, Apple’s virtual reality and mixed reality headsets will have to be very solid to find their place in the market.

A concept of the Apple VR headset.

If the Cupertino company has slowed down its hiring a lot in recent months, this is less the case on its part. The Technology Development Group, or TDG, responsible for designing her helmet, related technologies and future models. If the first version of the VR headset from Apple is rumored to be in the finalization stage, the American company intends to move quickly to the second generation. More compact glasses would also be planned.

This requires having a complete and expert team on the subject. So Apple has been posting a lot of recruitment ads in recent months. This makes it possible to learn that the firm wants to develop a video service compatible with virtual realitynew versions of its services already present on iOS and “a 3D world of mixed reality” who can have professional use as a personI. However, Apple was very clear on one point:

“Metaverse is a word we will never use”

Apple’s AR/VR development team is too led by Mike Rockwell, an expert on the subjectwhich is associated with Dan Ricio, who has been working on Apple products for a very long time and is in direct contact with Tim Cook about his projects. The company has also returned to its group Dave Scott, a senior engineer who has long worked on Apple’s self-driving car projects.

Finally, it is also possible to quote Yaniv Gur, senior director of engineering who has worked at Apple for more than 20 years and who joined TDG. His previous involvements in the firm’s projects suggest that he focuses on designing applications related to productivity, to give Apple headphones a professional angle.

A concept of the Apple VR headset

Apple is only recruiting in one sector.  PlayStation has reason to worry!

A proposal that can allow Apple’s VR headset isn’t just competing with Sony and its PSVR 2 in the entertainment segment. The device can Pit yourself against Microsoft’s HoloLens and Meta’s Meta Quest Proin an effort to attract professionals. This seems to be confirmed in relation to the announced price range.

The topic seems high enough in stakes for Apple that the company is still hiring heavily, at a time when Silicon Valley tends to see thousands of workers enter the job market after layoffs. To find out if the game is worth the candle, we will have to wait for Apple to decide to make the first announcements about this project.

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