The main consequences of cyber addiction

Today, almost all of us use technology on a daily basis, whether for work or for fun when we have some time to kill. However, when we use technology for fun, it’s important to use it in moderation so that we don’t see any negative effects on our behavior. Indeed, it happens that some people consume so much technology through various social networks or video games that they can easily fall into a situation of cyber addiction. Here are some of the consequences and symptoms you may experience when someone you know is addicted to the Internet.

What are the different symptoms of cyber addiction?

Before telling you what the consequences of cyber addiction can be, it is important to be aware of the symptoms that can warn you and know if one of the people around you is prone to this addiction to the Internet and social networks .

First of all, it is important to know that cyber addiction is a problem that can damage the health of the person who is prone to it. It is an addiction to technologies that will affect the behavior of the person affected by this addiction. Of course, when a person is affected by this addiction which comes from the excessive use of the Internet and various online video games, the latter has symptoms which may be as follows:

  • Headache
  • backache
  • Sleep cycle changes
  • dry eyes
  • Neglected personal hygiene.
  • Poor quality food

All these symptoms can alert you to the fact that you are currently in a situation of Internet addiction. It is therefore important not to let yourself go and to warn your loved ones by asking for their help if you think you are in this type of situation.

internet addiction

What are the consequences when a person is addicted to the Internet?

Of course, if these people are addicted to the Internet and decide to consume the Internet excessively, it is because this abusive consumption allows them to fill some gaps as well as feel things that they cannot feel in normal times.

First of all, these people affected by this pathology must use the Internet in order to find themselves in a situation of well-being, even relief when the latter is in front of a web browser. Indeed, when these people use the Internet, they find a feeling that they do not find anywhere else, which will make them consume more and more content on the Internet to feel good.

However, this is the only effect that will be “positive” for the person, before this excessive consumption becomes harmful for the person who is in a situation of cyber addiction.

Indeed, this addiction will cause that, after an excessive consumption of the Internet, the individual affected by this addiction will begin to feel guilty or feel a sense of shame about his abusive use of the Internet.

Then, it is also possible that you become socially isolated if your internet consumption is too high. As a result, you will have the impression that you feel a sense of exclusion in front of your loved ones. In fact, you will have a total lack of interest in all other activities that are outside the Internet.

Finally, to reassure your loved ones about the time you spend surfing the web and its various websites. In fact, this behavior will upset your loved ones and will not help you, because you risk becoming more and more closed in this addiction.

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