Meta resurrects a rap legend for a concert on Facebook’s Metaverse

JVTech News Meta resurrects a rap legend for a concert on Facebook’s Metaverse

To pay tribute to this legend of American rap, Meta is organizing a very special concert. Indeed, Horizon World’s Facebook metaverse will soon welcome the late rapper’s realistic avatar for a “hyper-realistic” virtual reality concert experience.

Deceased in 1997, Christopher George Latore, more commonly known as The Notorious BIG, is considered one of the greatest rappers of all time. Born in May 1972 in New York, the rapper would have celebrated his 50th birthday this year.

In his honor, Meta has decided to organize a unique concert in its Horizon World metaverse. To ensure the digital show, the company has modeled a realistic version of The Notorious BIG’s avatar. This virtual twin will perform the rapper’s famous music in a 3D virtual reality environment.

Exactly, Meta has made a digital replica of his Brooklyn neighborhood in the juice of the 90s for this event.

Revived by technology, Notorious will perform in this reconstruction on December 16th. In addition, the rapper will be accompanied by several other well-known artists such as:

  • Puff Diddy
  • Lil Rest
  • Lox
  • Nardo Wick

Therefore, this event will mark an innovative return to the stage for this rap legend, 25 years after his last performance on a stage in Los Angeles. Died at the age of 24, Notorious didn’t have the joy of seeing his audience grow year after year. With 11 billion streams to his credit, his virtual concert may have more viewers than some of his shows at the time.

“Having the ability to create a new opportunity to present my son Christopher’s music through technological advancement is sometimes difficult for me. However, I found so much excitement in the process of developing his avatar, realizing the added value for fans to experience him in ways that were unattainable until now. Thank you to everyone who helped make this project happen,” says Notorious’ mother, Voletta Wallace.

It’s a safe bet that The Notorious BIG would never imagine performing on the stage of a completely virtual world. Since the internet bubble of the 2000s, the web has taken on a dimension that no one could have predicted.

Although the first metaverse appeared almost 20 years ago, with Second Life, things seem to have accelerated since Mark Zuckerberg renamed Facebook to Meta. The businessman aims to create a digital mirror of reality in the form of a virtual 3D world driven by VR.

At the moment, the project is trying to convince users. Many feel that the Facebook metaverse is not yet mature enough, among other things graphically. Therefore, while the group has invested heavily in this avant-garde project, Mark Zuckerberg has to convince.

Thus, this concert will be completely free, however to experience the most immersive experience, you will need the Meta Quest VR headset. Otherwise. You can also follow the activity on Facebook.

It is specifically through these types of events that the company hopes to welcome new users into its metaverse. Indeed, these virtual concerts have already shown some interest, like the concert of Travis Scott or Ariana Grande in the game Fortnite.

With this kind of initiative, Meta demonstrates the various possibilities that the digital world offers in 3D. If the metaverse manages to keep its promises, then it will certainly be able to host many events by responding to certain issues (restriction of places, travel, cost, etc.) In this sense, the event industry will make the world virtual reality a tool of choice in the future.

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