“Digital art will end up being considered an art in itself”: interview with Kook Ewo, creator of Motion + Design

Kook Ewo first became known as a designer graph, his first major success was his work on the film Silent Hill in 2006. He also produces commercials and short films; We owe him, among others, the opening credits of Solomon Kane, Fracture and Splice.

From now on, Kook Ewo also works in the field of digital art in the form of NFT. He has thus created international reference events: Motion + Design, on graphic arts and motion design, as well as NFTin access to art and blockchain. NFT America had also welcomed in March 2022 great NFT artists such as Bryan Brinkman, Refik Anadol, Jason Bailey and Sarah Meyohas. On September 17 and 18, the event NFT in Europe took place at the Théâtre du Gymnase Marie-Bell. We were able to interview the artist and director of these meetings.

Kook Ewo

After an international success and especially in the United States, where success is the most difficult and often the most coveted, why did you choose France for this new edition of NFTin and Motion Plus Design?

Motion Plus Design has already had several international editions, including Tokyo and Los Angeles. It was the occasion to launch NFT America next to the Los Angeles edition in February. NFTin America has been very successful. We even received Beeple on the occasion of Motion Plus Design with whom we did a river interview on stage.

This is what motivated us to create a European edition for both events. Paris was a logical continuation since it was in the French capital that Motion Plus Design was created in 2011.

You talk about digital art as a mainstream of the 21st century. Do you foresee her taking over traditional art?

I don’t necessarily believe there is an opposition between one and the other. On the other hand, I think the big advantage of digital art is that it will take a more everyday place in our lives. People will have easier access to it than traditional art. And this in relation to the evolution of the use of screens. Art lovers will have less and less prejudice than now.

Digital art will end up being considered an art in its own right. I think the evolution of technology will allow that too as NFTs, for example, have made it possible to take a first step in the recognition of digital art, simply because the blockchain makes it possible to create a certificate that means that a work is really a work and that is good in such a place. This is even if we know the technical limits of NFTs today.

Indeed, graphically the work itself is not on the blockchain (except for some rare projects), but this is a problem that will be solved in the coming years. This will allow digital art to really take off. At the moment, the blockchain makes it possible to create this certificate, but not yet to keep the work itself, except in the IPFS network, but it will be the next technological step that will make it possible to consider digital art as viable and serious. .

Do you think your NFT presentation boxes could become the new trendy gift? Do you want it? Or would that make art too ordinary?

In fact, we opted for rarity and edited the box set to just 40 copies. So, it won’t be an ordinary gift for now. NFTs are all super rare. Half are sold, especially in the middle of a bull run. At the moment, in the bear market, activity is slow, I would go so far as to say that NFT sales in general are stagnant. But when it’s revived again, I’m confident that it’s a collection that’s going to pick up. Not only was it done seriously, but the featured artists all seem destined for great success in the NFT world.

Are you satisfied with this first edition in French? What are your best successes?

I am very pleased! As for Motion Plus Design, there were a lot of people. The theater was already full at 10am on a Sunday morning. This means! We have amazing guests, it was a very busy day for Motion Plus Design. The performers were amazing as usual.

Motion Plus Design in Paris

In the case of NFTin, I’m very, very happy with the response we’ve had, because it seems to be the only event that just highlights the artistic application of NFTs. Most events show all kinds ofapplications of NFTs and have an NFT art. In our case, we focused on art, and it had a big impact on the spirit of the NFT environment, because when it comes to art, it doesn’t always feel good, connected to what’s going on.


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