With this Meta Quest 2 on Amazon, virtual reality is at a crazy price

Formerly known as Oculus, the Meta Quest 2 is the benchmark among consumer virtual reality headsets. This is the first time he has experienced such a generous discount that combines two video games.

The Meta Quest 2 is the virtual reality headset par excellence. Compared to older generations and compared to the competition, it has a real advantage: it is fully autonomous. It has a display directly on the helmet and is connected to Wi-Fi, which allows you to use it without having to connect it with a cable to a console or a computer.

In fact, you feel completely free to move around with this Meta Quest 2 headset. These are the two small controllers that will allow you to move around in this virtual environment and the result is amazing. It is the first VR headset where the experience is so immersive and successful. Meta is one of the companies investing the most in the virtual universe, and its metaverse project is the perfect illustration.

With no real competition in the mainstream and premium VR headset segment, the Meta Quest 2 hasn’t landed yet. Today, however, Amazon has decided to give you an additional argument: the helmet with 128 GB of memory drops to 399 euros instead of 449 euros and includes two games in particular very popular as a gift: Resident Evil 4 and Beat Saber.

Discover Meta Quest 2 128GB

Discover Meta Quest 2 256GB

Alternatively, there is also the option of choosing the Meta Quest 2 helmet with 256 GB for 489 euros instead of 549 euros. Here again you get the two previously mentioned games as a bonus, which are also among the most popular games in the entire ecosystem. This gives you a good introduction to the world of virtual reality with two video games and two very different experiences.

Meta Quest 2 is a resounding success

If Meta Quest 2 is so popular, it is because Meta (Facebook group) managed to motivate developers to create a number of applications and services around this VR headset. From Oculus Home, which is the headset’s app store, you’ll find hundreds of different apps, games, and other services that will let you experience virtual reality.

You will be able to move in this virtual ecosystem thanks to two controllers that manage to perfectly detect your movements in space. Of course, the service is perfectly designed so that you don’t make unexpected gestures or move in your real environment. So there’s no risk if you have these Meta Quest 2 headphones in a relatively compact housing.

Meta Quest 2 is an original gift that will inevitably get people talking if you give it at Christmas. If you are a little curious about the future evolution of this technology, we also advise you to take a step into it with this VR headset. Today, it is the only one that is as complete and offers a good first vision of the virtual reality of the future.

Games like Resident Evil 4 offer an ultra-immersive experience that can create real emotions for the player – it’s nothing like a simple computer or TV screen. In addition, you can create crazy atmospheres such as with Netflix. With Meta Quest 2 in your head, you’ll be able to teleport to a beach, in front of your Netflix screen, with a sense of infinity.

Discover Meta Quest 2 128GB

It is certain that you will not be bored with Meta Quest 2. Another positive point of the virtual reality helmet is that it is very easy to understand. Meta has designed its tool for the general public and the installation is worthy of an Apple service. In a few seconds, it will connect to the Internet and you will be immersed in this universe of virtual reality. The result is really amazing.

The perfect Christmas gift

Over the past two years, the Meta Quest 2 VR headset has peaked at Christmas time. Today it is somewhat the same principle as video game consoles: the French wait for this period to have fun and invest in these entertainment products. In the last two Black Fridaythe VR headset wasn’t even discounted.

And yet, Amazon (and the Meta group) still register ongoing reservations on this product. Being the only great virtual reality reference, Meta Quest 2 is quickly taken by storm. So imagine with this discount and the gift of two games, you can be sure that the product will leave at full speed. If you want to get one, now is the perfect time to take advantage of it.

To appease people during Black Friday, Amazon offers a withdrawal period that is longer than during the rest of the year. You have until January 31, 2023 to return your Meta Quest 2 helmet. This also allows you to bid on it, see the recipient’s head score, and then choose to return it or not. It’s a Christmas purchase that will be risk-free but will inevitably be a hit with the family.

As you can see, there are two options: 128 or 256 GB of memory. We’d tend to recommend 256GB to store a maximum of content directly in your virtual reality headset. It’s a bit like smartphones: if you like photography, it will be difficult to limit yourself to 128 GB. Instead of being frustrated by the lack of space, you can go for the fuller version. But this necessarily depends on the budget, because it is still more expensive.

To find out about the two helmets, it’s here:

Discover Meta Quest 2 128GB

Discover Meta Quest 2 256GB

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