The textile sector wants to increase its recruitment

On the occasion of the 11th industry week (until November 27) around the broad theme of “Acting for an industry of the future”, the French textile sector mobilized to reveal its crafts and know-how. In France, various key events were organized, including, on November 24, the participation in the event “Bercy fait son industrie” through “French Tex”, the platform for the recruitment and promotion of trade and training in this sector.

The opportunity to provide a spotlight and make her career more known to middle and high school students, interns and job seekers, while also having the opportunity to recruit. Textile manufacturers in France have in fact been faced for several years with strong recruitment needs: the retirement of a staff of mechanics, seamstresses in a sector where turnover is rare, and the lack of training courses adapted to the realities on the ground are reinforced. recruitment challenges. However, the textile industry has regained its vitality, navigating “made in France” and the quality of its products. Currently, the sector as a whole recruits more than 3,000 people a year: technical profiles, from initial textile training or company trainees, and many support positions, from sales to logistics or textile design.

Intensification of recruitment needs

With 2,150 companies, 62,500 employees and a total turnover of 13.9 billion euros in growth, we better understand the needs of a sector that realizes three quarters of its turnover in exports. The most stressful positions are related to production and support occupations, such as industrial equipment operator, production, maintenance, sales, order picker and logistics.

Maine Textiles

To meet its needs, the sector has invested heavily to (re)establish suitable courses, in collaboration with national education and higher education: today there are around forty initial training courses, from CAP to Bac + 5. everywhere in France, in all areas, from R&D to production and CSR. Continuous training completes the system to enable employees to advance within the company or support retraining courses. At the same time, the textile companies themselves train their future employees in the country, regardless of profiles, young people, experienced employees or people in retraining.

New tools to attract new talent

The textile sector is creating tools to reach young people seeking training, as well as those who prescribe, their parents and teachers, as well as jobseekers and the Pôle Emploi advisers who support them. Starting with the French TEX, the “armed arm” of the sector to promote and publish its knowledge. This first digital media dedicated to French textile recruitment also allows manufacturers to recruit through its platform.

Since the beginning of the year, an educational package has been made available to teachers. In 2022, a partnership was created between French TEX and “Savoir pour faire”, a campaign launched at the initiative of the Strategic Committee of the Fashion and Luxury sector: job offers posted in French Tex will be automatically transmitted to the Savoir site to do. , to maximize their visibility and facilitate recruitment in the sector. He aims to draw attention to the entire sector and re-evaluate his technical trade.

In addition, an Onisep guide dedicated to the textile trade was published this year with the UIT (Union des Industries Textiles). Finally, since last September, a virtual reality headset provided by OPCO 2i (Inter-Industrial Skills Operator) has been available in student lounges, offering an immersive film into the work of a weaving operator. An innovation that allows you to discover one of the latest aspects of the industry, medical textiles.

In short, the sector is moving and at a good time. One where manual trades have never been so highly valued. In any case for several decades.

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