Online shopping: Ilnas keeps an eye on the grain

Paulette Lenert and Franz Fayot presented yesterday the results of a campaign orchestrated by Ilnas. The institute investigated the compatibility of about twenty items purchased online. The results are instructive.

As the end of the year holidays approach, many of them have been affected by an attack of fever. Buying fever, as it is called, risks spreading this Friday, the day of black friday, these balances imported from the United States and already well anchored in customs. However, some consumers are likely to be disappointed when they receive their purchase: not up to their expectations, poorly made… but worst of all, items that are dangerous to use.

To avoid surprises, especially in terms of security, the Luxembourg Institute for Standardization, Accreditation, Safety and Quality of Products and Services (Ilnas) has selected a whole series of products sold online, ranging from the size of protection to masks sanitation through toys, and check their compatibility.

Only two compatible products

These checks were carried out on items purchased on platforms such as or AliExpress. To select the products, the Ilnas market surveillance department identified those who took advantage of promotional offers at specific times of the year, sometimes alerted by customer comments or relying on their own suspicions.

The stakes are high: almost 70% of Internet users in Luxembourg shop online, recalls Franz Fayot, Minister of Economy, who yesterday took stock of this test campaign, together with Paulette Lenert, Minister of Consumer Protection.

Toys, electronics, headphones… all declared incompatible.

A total of 26 products were checked (read in the frame). The results are encouraging, as only two were consistent. 23 marketing bans were imposed, and six products presented a serious risk. There, the mini-robot mower poses a danger to the fingers of its user, here a box of protective masks offers nothing, here again this electronic object can catch fire.

But the palm goes to this rumble for children: small parts break off and risk swallowing, its very long handle can be swallowed. As for the sound of its bells, it is thunder…

Therefore, online shopping is not free of all risks. However, all these standards with which the products must comply, approved by the European Union, represent a peace of mind benefit for consumers. Ilnas “avoids the marketing and operation of incompatible products on the Luxembourg market, which endanger the safety and health of people”, concludes Franz Fayot.

Electric kettle test

How do you decide if an item is compliant or not? Rémi Radinovic, head of the test laboratory at Ilnas in Esch-Belval, shows us this by taking the example of a stainless steel electric kettle. “First, we’ll check its labeling and its instructions for use,” he explains, pointing to the white label stuck to the bottom of the device. A barcode and various numbers are on it, not to mention the famous “CE” logo. So much for the administrative aspect.

Next come the cauldron tests. Connected to a sensor machine, it is subjected to electrical conditions beyond normal use. Other points are checked, such as its handle, which should not burn your hand, or its buttons, which should not be removed. If ever the tests are inconclusive, Ilnas informs other European laboratories, then the supplier or manufacturer is notified. In case of repetition of the criminal offense, especially if the product presents a risk, the case may go up to criminal proceedings.

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