Marlène Schiappa recounts the day she put herself in the place of a violent man

FIGARO LIVE – The Secretary of State for Social and Solidarity Economy and Community Life is the initiative of the documentary Abused women: domestic violenceaired this Friday, November 25 in prime time on C8.

TV MAGAZINE. – How was this documentary born?
Marlene Schiappa. – All my life I have tried to do many things for women, to protect them from violence. I made laws, legal instructions, mobilizations. The objective of this film is to make these systems better known and to spread the reality of domestic violence without a filter. We talk about it as if it were a conceptual subject, but it is a reality: the words that are spoken, the situations, the blows. We wanted to show all this and popularize the associations that can help these women.

Did you encounter any difficulties in convincing the victims to testify in this documentary?
Director Jean-Michel Gomez and the H2O Productions teams have worked hard to build relationships of trust with these women. We will meet with associations. Then we visit the police. And we follow these women who have chilling soundtracks and videos, but we chose to air them because they also show this reality.

How do you explain a man raising his hand to his wife?
We have been in the same feminicidal tendencies for generations. What I want to be happy about is that today, since Grenelle on domestic violence, thanks to the action we took with Emmanuel Macron, professionals are being trained. 3919 is open 24 hours a day. Women can use platforms to prepare to file a complaint without going to a police station or gendarmerie. And then, we put in a lot of tools: confiscating guns, right after a complaint, for example, or even removing parental authority. But all this is long. Domestic violence, according to anthropologists, has existed since ancient times. It will probably take us years of war to eradicate them.

“We are not responsible when we are victims of domestic violence”

Marlène Schiappa, guest on “Buzz TV”.

What is the purpose of this documentary?
First, is to understand that we are not responsible when we are victims of domestic violence. Because, very often, executioners make the victim feel guilty by saying: “It’s your fault, you asked for it, you can’t cook, you don’t like it”. He tries to isolate it and we try to show it in the documentary. We also hope that men watching will also become aware that their behavior is dysfunctional, that they are violent, and that they can be socialized. There are support structures for violent men who do not know how to manage their anger.

You’ve screwed on a virtual reality helmet that immerses you in the heart of a domestic violence scene. How did you live this experience?
It was really hard. He was at the national law school. To train professionals, the institution has set up this system allowing magistrates to see the situation of each person. It is also used in the prevention of recidivism, for men who have already been convicted of domestic violence. Since they have no empathy, the idea is to tell them: “Look, put yourself in your child’s place. This is how he sees you when you are the perpetrator of domestic violence”. It’s terrifying because we have the helmet on and we’re immersed in the victim’s skin without being able to react. This experience really hits each of us with situations that we may have experienced in our lives or that we may have witnessed.

What was the cause of your commitment against violence against women?
In my case, I witnessed very serious things that have marked me since childhood and then I was able to experience, like many women, sexist and sexual violence of various kinds. And I was really outraged… But basically, I’m outraged by injustice. It is so unfair… When a woman gives birth, she experiences these things and there is an imbalance.

Does television do enough to fight domestic violence?
No, obviously not! Television does not do enough to protect women from violence. When you’re lucky enough to be seen by millions of viewers, you have to be able to take responsibility. That is why I thank Canal+. When I went to Maxime Saada, the head of the group, to talk to him about this documentary, he immediately told me that he would mobilize and broadcast it in prime time on C8. It is extremely rare for this type of program to be offered in the prime of the evening on a major channel.

Deputy of La France insoumise Adrien Quatennensis accused of domestic violence. Is there still a place in the National Assembly?
As a member of the government, I am bound by the great principle of the separation of powers, so it is not up to the ministers to decide for the people whether the nation’s elected officials should resign. I also respect the legal procedure which is in process. That said, Adrien Quatennens himself published a letter on social media a few months ago in which he admits to beating his wife and phone harassment. So it seems very serious to me. And what seems serious to me is also the ball of leaders of La France insoumise on television who minimized these facts saying: “After all, a slap, if it’s not every day, isn’t so bad”. I find it irresponsible.

“I’m regularly called a fool by France Inter’s comedians”

Marlène Schiappa, guest on “Buzz TV”.

After “You’re a piece of shit!” addressed to MP Louis Boyard, Cyril Hanouna and “TPMP” at the center of a new controversyHow did you react to this sequence?
It is not normal to offend someone, chosen or not. Moreover, Cyril Hanouna recognized him himself. I have been offended several times, including with great virulence in public debate. Unfortunately, I received no such support. I was called a slut queen by a journalist, I was called an idiot by a politician on live television. I am regularly called stupid by France Inter comedians who regularly write comments implying that Marlène Schiappa is stupid, slept her way to success and other absolutely pointless nonsense. And I haven’t heard calls for a boycott. I had yellow vests under the window who abused me in front of my children and who were convicted in court. I haven’t received an abundance of support messages. I’m still waiting for the far left to express how unacceptable it is to insult a woman.

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