The benchmark of VR and HR platforms scanned by Tomorrow Theory. Waiting for the real metaverse…

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HR innovation studio Tomorrow Theory has unveiled a platform standard that connects virtual reality and HR management. A live video session with Topics and PageGroup expanded the discussion.

Theory of Tomorrow: Benchmarking VR Platforms for HR Uses - © DR
Theory of Tomorrow: Benchmarking VR Platforms for HR Uses – © DR

Is the virtual reality market in the metaverse growth perspective ripe for the HR function? Initiatives in this direction are gradually appearing. HR Innovation Studio Tomorrow’s theory just discovered a benchmark on more than 400 virtual reality platforms (VR in English) looking for a focus on Uses of human resources.

The result of 6 months of work, the dense 115-page report consists of various parts: definitions, principles of the metaverse, files, maps, ranking of platforms according to the use of human resources, identity sheets of actors, zoom of French actors in progress in XR (ie virtual reality, augmented reality and the metaverse), forums…

It is now available for download from Tomorrow Theory’s website following the presentation of the report from a webinar hosted by Tomorrow Theory on 22 November.

The benchmark was conducted by identifying 443 platforms worldwide. These provide access with a computer and/or virtual reality headset as the case may be.

Great lessons from Jérémy Lamri, CEO of Tomorrow Theory

  • Jérémy Lamri, CEO Tomorrow Theory - © DR

    Jérémy Lamri, CEO Tomorrow Theory – © DR

    “Of the 443 platforms identified, 75 are potentially relevant to HR and 30 can be used immediately. » They were identified as belonging to the categories: productivity, collaboration and social and able to respond to HR use cases.

  • “VR is not enough to make a metaverse, and real metaverses will only be ready in a decade at best”;
  • “The virtual reality market is not revolutionary, but it offers interesting transitional uses. This is the case of non-immersive 2D environment like WorkAdventure.
  • “HR still needs to adapt their best practices and processes to fit well with VR”;
  • “Environmental and social issues are not yet sufficiently taken into account by VR gamers”;
  • “Perhaps more important uses will emerge in the medium term in augmented reality, to be explored and monitored closely in the coming months or years.”

20 Best Virtual Reality Platforms with HR Affinities

Here is the list compiled by Tomorrow Theory studying the top 12 HR criteria:

  • Somni Space,
  • nemesis,
  • sandbox,
  • second life,
  • Decentraland,
  • hyperspace,
  • WorkAdventure (France),
  • Arthur,
  • space,
  • Wonda VR (France),
  • Remy,
  • Horizon Workroom,
  • Teemew (France),
  • Virbela Campus,
  • adhesive,
  • Collect,
  • VR Dating,
  • vSpatial,
  • FrameVR,
  • Horizon Worlds (meta service)

Webinar Tomorrow theory: evidence and feedback

Stéphanie Renverseau, COO Tomorrow Theory - © DR

Stéphanie Renverseau, COO Tomorrow Theory – © DR

In addition to the presentation of the report, a round table was organized on November 22, moderated by Stéphanie Renverseau, COO of Tomorrow Theory and utilized in the form of a live video session.

An exercise that made it possible to extend the debate and exchange information with a trio of panelists.

Alexandre Stourbe, Managing Director of Le Lab RH, closed the live streaming session.

Gaspard Tertrais, CTO Tomorrow Theory

“I’m amazed by the number of VR platforms we’ve examined for this benchmark. More than 500 with a variety of uses and about thirty oriented towards human resources. I was also amazed by the branding around the metaverse when he isn’t there yet. It’s a bit of heresy, even if some platforms really do innovate by integrating blockchain for example. »

“As it stands, we have more virtual reality platforms that are only part of a metaverse that is intended to be controlled by its users and that will support data persistence. Sandbox or Decentraland are starting, but these platforms are only in the demo stage (proof of concept or POC). »

Stéphanie Foache, Senior Partner, Themes (expert HR advisory firm)

“I work a lot with the French actor WorkAdventure, who has had a lot of experience in the field of recruitment and workspace. I saw a DevOps team from a large French company working on it for a whole day. Getting on board is easy. »

“In terms of recruitment, we have examples of parts of the process being done in VR. For preliminary resources, that is, a first contact in these virtual spaces with millennials or digital profiles that value this innovation or skill assessment. The effect “Wow!” it’s still there. When it comes to training, VR brings performance and confidence. »

“As for the workplace dimension, even though we don’t have headsets (even if it means losing a bit of the immersive side), it’s interesting to bring geographically dispersed teams together in the same virtual environment and use the space. People working remotely felt closer to the rest of the team with this permanent connection. »

Guillaume André, Talent Development Manager, PageGroup (recruitment agency)

“Sporadic initiatives have already been launched on the recruitment side with virtual reality. I’m waiting to see what the next metaverse will bring to the candidate experience and relationships with recruiters and companies. »

“After the period of digitization related to the Covid-19 crisis, we want to reconnect with physical interviews. We seek to break recruitment codes, bring something different and break down prejudices. And, potentially, virtual universes can create new sources of inequality. »

Tomorrow Theory imagines tomorrow’s HR

Launched in June 2022, Tomorrow Theory positions itself as an HR innovation studiowhich supports the HR function in its challenges of attracting, retaining and engaging candidates and employees.
• He works on processes related to skills and soft skills (recruitment, training, collaboration), on change management processes and on the use of advanced technologies in HR (Web 3.0, blockchain, VR, IA, etc.).
• The company offers three types of services: awareness (conferences, seminars), strategic and research advice (contribution of good practices, specific study, help with choices), and engineering (designing models and prototyping technological solutions).
• Has references such as LVMH, Chanel, L’Oréal, Ministry of the Interior, Mazars, PageGroup, Barilla, Mastercard, Crédit Mutuel and BNP Paribas.
• His CEO Jeremy Lamry in 2015 co-founded the association Le Lab RH (an ecosystem of 315 start-ups dedicated to human resources innovation). He is also the author of a didactic work entitled “Metavers and HR” or “How Web 3.0 rethinks the future of work and organizations” published at the end of October 2022 by Editions EMS Management et Société.

The VR platform standard for HR uses » led by Stéphanie Renverseau Jérémy Lamri, Gaspard Tertrais and Matthieu Sabourin, on behalf of Tomorrow Theory 2022. With partners PageGroup, Hult EF, Topics, Le Lab RH and Gometa. Download here after registration.

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