Is Calvaria the next crypto project to explode?

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Calvaria is one of the hottest new blockchain gaming platforms out there. The pre-sale of its native token, RIA, surpassed the mark of $1.9 million raised. And this, in a few weeks.

RIA exceeds $1.9 million

The token, which went on pre-sale just over a month ago now, is one of the best performing new assets on the market. Its pre-sale reached a new milestone by crossing the $1.9 million mark just a few weeks after launch.

Even in the midst of one of the worst markets in crypto history, the RIA’s progress never stopped. This shows that there is a strong buzz around the token. Indeed, investors expect a price increase when it will be listed on the stock exchanges, at the end of the presale.

What is Calvary?

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new blockchain card game platform that takes players into a virtual world. In this virtual world, it is possible to buy fixed tokens in the image of different characters in the game. These characters are classified into different categories on the platform, so that players can create combinations, according to their characteristics.

The objective is to build a deck and implement different strategies in order to triumph over the opponents. Players can compete in different arenas, for the chance to collect tokens as a reward. The developers of Calvaria also organize regular competitions and events of all kinds, allowing players to win cash prizes and other interesting rewards.

The developers strongly believe in their project and are convinced that they have created the perfect blockchain game. Unlike most other titles, the game does not require players to invest money to get started. Instead, they get free NFTs and can immediately start collecting and competing with other players through their decks.

This is a big difference from what most other blockchain games require of playersbuy NFT or invest a certain amount before you start playing.

Calvaria is available on Android and iOS. Therefore, players can access the game wherever they are via their smartphone.

What does RIA do?

RIA is the flagship in the Calvaria game ecosystem. Its main function is to facilitate the exchange of NFTs in the game’s NFT market, thereby contributing to the stabilization of the ecosystem’s tokenomics.

RIA also has intrinsic value, as it is a token of validation of shares, or proof of stake (PoS). This means it can be locked in to allow holders to generate returns.

As a PoS coin, it is possible to deploy RIA to allow users to gain governing power over the game, throughdecentralized autonomous organization (DAO) of Calvary. In addition, owning the RIA offers users the opportunity to participate in many of Calvaria’s online contests. In short, this sign is connected to all aspects of the game, so its role is essential.

Get RIA now to win

RIA is currently available for presale. This is actually one of the most interesting pre-sales on the market right now, and it presents a massive profit opportunity.

The RIA pre-sale consists of ten steps. Each time a new milestone is reached, the price of the token increases. Thus, the price of RIA will reach $0.055 at the end of the presale, which means that new investors can still enjoy more than 100% profit by entering now.

RIA tokens are selling for $0.025 at the moment. However, their price will drop to $0.030 in the next phase of the presale.

Buy RIA in pre-sale now

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