CyberGhost VPN, the app that gives you access to the full potential of the web

For years, VPNs have been a huge part of the global internet scene. Indeed, these software are able to protect you, but also offer you a much cheaper navigation. And in this area, CyberGhost is a benchmark.

This tool was developed during 2011, and since then it continues to improve. So much so that it is now one of the best VPNs in the world. But then, what does this VPN give you access to? This is what we will show you quickly and immediately.

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CyberGhost VPN’s extensive infrastructure

You may already know this, but if many internet users use a VPN, it is mainly to circumvent geo-blocking. Because yes, when you surf the net, the content you can access is limited, depending on where you live.

So how do you overcome this? Just know that CyberGhost has more than 9,500 servers worldwide and they cover a total of 94 countries. With this provider, you will be able to connect to all these territories in order to modify your virtual location.

In fact, this involves replacing your real IP address with a fake IP address automatically provided by the VPN. as a Russian IP address for example. You can then fool geolocation systems and make the content you want to read believe you’re in a location that gives you the right to access it.

Thus, you have Netflix catalogs, TV channels, game servers, websites and all foreign content of your choice, without leaving home. In the same way CyberGhost allows you to connect to France from other countries, which will be very useful for you when you travel.

You will then be able to access your local content and services from abroad, such as your banking services. But while that’s all great, you might be wondering about the price of this service.

And you will be pleasantly surprised: on the occasion of Black Friday, the provider lowers its prices. Benefits of 2-year VPN subscription from a drop of -83% and CyberGhost goes further by offering its new users 4 more months for free. Thus, the total subscription has increased to 28 months, for only €56.94.

CyberGhost: a provider that takes your security seriously

VPNs are also tools that have been developed with the goal of protecting you online. And CyberGhost takes this very seriously. Thus, in addition to the advantages mentioned above, you will have access to optimal security. This involves several elements.

For example, we can cite the fact that CyberGhost encrypts your browsing data (such as your bank details or your browsing history) with a powerful algorithm. So no one can read them. At the same time, the provider hides your IP address, to preserve your identity and location.

Therefore, you are protected from the dangers inherent in using the Internet and can surf anonymously. Additionally, be aware that for your privacy, CyberGhost enforces a strict no-logging policy. Thus, you are sure that your data will not be stored, transferred or sold to third parties.

Note that CyberGhost features options such as Kill Switch, which automatically suspends your traffic if the VPN disconnects. So you won’t be able to accidentally expose your data. And for the more practical side, know that the CyberGhost app adapts to a maximum of devices.

You can use it on a computer (Windows, macOS and Linux), on a mobile device (Android or iOS), but also on a connected TV or router. Additionally, this VPN allows up to 7 simultaneous connections with a single account. So you can equip your whole family and even help your friends without spending more.

Note, moreover, that this is particularly interesting at the moment, because if you are looking for a free vpn, CyberGhost only costs €2.03 per month with its Black Friday offer (€56.94 for 28 months). So don’t hesitate to give it a try because you’ll have access to 24/7 customer support as well as a 45-day money-back guarantee.

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