Benin: 3 Indian hemp traffickers arrested in Abomey Calavi

The republican police arrested three people suspected of being traffickers of Indian hemp in the municipality of Abomey Calavi.

On Saturday, November 19, the Republican police arrested three suspected Indian hemp traffickers. The three people were all arrested in the municipality of Abomey Calavi.

After a chase between elements of the republican police and a Bajaj motorcycle driver, the latter was arrested at the Bidossessi crossroads. The control of the suspicious package that he was transporting on a motorcycle enabled the police to discover 15 packages of Indian hemp.

After the arrest of the suspected trafficker, police investigations led to the arrest of two other traffickers who were accomplices of the Bajaj motorcycle driver. One of them was arrested on the same day in Adjagbo and the third in Agassagodomey.

During this operation, the police seized a total of 40 kg of psychotropic products and consumer accessories. The three suspected Indian hemp traffickers arrested have been referred to the Central Office for the Suppression of Illegal Drug Trafficking (OCERTID). They will be presented in the following days to the Special Prosecution of the Court for the Suppression of Economic Crimes and Terrorism (CRIET).

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