What is a 504 “Gateway Timeout” error and how can I fix it?

You’ve probably come across a website that displays a 504 error code. But do you know what it means and how to fix it? We explain to you.

Of course, we imagine that this is probably not the first time that you have heard or seen with your own eyes an error code when surfing the Internet. Of course, you are probably more used to encountering the very classic 404 error, but it happens that you can also come across a page that displays the error code 504. We explain everything to you and give you the solutions to get out of it.

Error 404, 504… what do these numbers correspond to?

Whether it’s the 404 error or the 504 error, these sequences of numbers are actually what are called status codes (status codes among our Anglo-Saxon friends). They make it possible to obtain information on data exchanges between:

  • Your computer, tablet, smart phone
  • Your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari…)
  • server where the page you want to view is located

To give you an idea of ​​how it all works, here’s a brief overview of how the relationship between your device and a web server works:

  1. Your device (smartphone, tablet, computer) is equipped witha browser: web client. This customer will then make a request to obtain the data necessary to display a particular web page.
  2. server, as in a restaurant, receives the request and searches its database for the information requested by the browser. He will bring them back to him, this is called a response.
  3. browserweb client, get the data, then processes and displays the web page requested by the user.

In fact, all status codes or “status codes” that you will face one day, so you will describe a situation that occurs during this chain of events. A situation, you will understand, necessarily problematic because otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to meet them.

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What is a 504 “Gateway Timeout” error?

First of all, know that if you are faced with a 504 error code, it does not mean that your device (smartphone, tablet, computer) is defective. In effect, the problem comes from the server and this prevents the page from being displayed in your browser.

Specifically, the 504 “Gateway Timeout” error means this the server did not meet the time limit to return the response (info) in the browser. Thus, if we refer to the above sequence, the error occurs during the second phase of data exchange on the Internet.

How to fix 504 “Gateway Timeout” error code?

Inevitably, like many computer problems, several causes can explain a 504 “Gateway Timeout” error code. While the world has become good, sometimes, you have the option to act on your side to solve the problem. However, you may also not be able to do anything about it either because you do not have physical access to the server or because you are not the site manager.

Here’s what you can do, as a web user, faced a 504 “Gateway Timeout” error:

  • Check your internet connection: if your connection is very weak or unstable, it may be that the response from the server came back in time, but because of your connection, it did not reach you. Change the location or network and try again.
  • Check if the network is working: indeed, if the 504 error occurs on different sites, it is possible that the problem is coming from the servers of the Internet Service Provider (ISP). In such a case, you can only wait for a return to normality to be able to surf silently.

If you are the site manager, here’s what you can do:

  • Check your internet connection: anyone can have a bad connection at some point, so check that everything is working on your premises.
  • Contact the server administrator : in a company, this is the person responsible for the proper functioning of your servers. Thus, in the event of a problem, it is the person who will be able to give you the most accurate answer regarding the appearance of the 504 “Gateway Timeout” error.
  • Contact your website host: If your connection is fine and your administrator hasn’t noticed any problems, you should contact the company that hosts your site. Indeed, it is possible that their server has a problem, which leads, in fact, to complications on your site.

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