Restoring nature and wildlife: Amazon announces a contribution of €3 million, in France, to the CDC Biodiversity 2050 Nature Fund – France

Amazon announces its first engagement project in France as part of Now the Climate Fund, which will provide funding of 3 million euros for the Nature 2050 Program created by CDC Biodiversité. This funding will enable the conservation, restoration and sustainable management of an estimated area of ​​600,000 m² in France (equivalent to more than 80 football pitches) through the implementation of innovative projects based on natural solutions. This investment increases the budget of the Nature 2050 Program from 8.7 million euros to 11.7 million euros, making Amazon one of the main contributors committed to the Nature 2050 Program.

The Nature 2050 program is dedicated to preserving and restoring biodiversity, mitigating the consequences of climate change and improving the resilience of ecosystems and territories, while providing scientific monitoring of specific indicator projects until 2050.

The Nature 2050 program mobilized €5.6 million between 2016 and 2021 and was able to launch 50 projects during the same period in more than 1,090 hectares of species-rich habitats across France.

Through the support of the Nature 2050 Program, Amazon will co-finance projects that provide nature-based solutions, selected by the Nature 2050 team and chosen by the Nature 2050 Program steering committee. These selected projects benefit from funding that allows the realization of the works of ecological restoration. as well as their monitoring until 2050. The Nature 2050 program has a triple objective: biodiversity, climate and territory. Therefore, projects aim to adapt territories to climate change with more specific themes such as the return of nature to the city, especially in the framework of a partnership with the Métropole du Grand Paris, or financing the transition of agricultural practices. The map of the 50 ongoing projects can be seen on the dedicated website ( One million euros of funding per year over the next three years will be dedicated to identifying and supporting projects to create and restore natural habitat across France. In 2022, it will mainly be about the co-financing of projects selected together with the Métropole du Grand Paris and, for the following years, the financing may concern different types of projects such as the regeneration of artificial lands, the preservation of marine ecosystems , restoration of wetlands and adaptation of urban areas.

We are pleased to continue the momentum started by our program to finance projects based on natural solutions in the territories where Amazon is present. says Julie Laboureix, retail director and sustainability ambassador,

CDC Biodiversité has already carried out local science-based projects and we look forward to seeing the positive results of its action towards the restoration of nature within the ambitious Nature 2050 Programme”.

Julie Laboureix

Retail Director and Sustainable Development Ambassador,

When we created the Nature 2050 Programme, we relied on the warnings of IPBES and the IPCC and the urgency of undertaking restoration and conservation everywhere in France to help stop the erosion of biodiversity and respond to the acceleration of climate change.” recalls Antoine Cadi, Secretary of the Nature 2050 Fund.

By mobilizing nature-based solutions, the Nature 2050 Program makes it possible to meet the needs for ecological restoration of priority habitats, but also brings many shared benefits, in particular flood reduction, sequestration of CO₂ and reducing air pollution. For each project, the program tracks a number of indicators, including soil organic carbon levels, which give an indication of the amount of CO2 sequestered from the land thanks to the development of vegetation.

To date, through the Right Now Climate Fund, Amazon has already invested in a reforestation program in Italy, Parco Italia, an urban greening program in Germany, an urban renewal and tree planting project in the United Kingdom, a conservation and restoration project forests in the Appalachians in the United States and the Agroforestry and Restoration Accelerator program in the Brazilian Amazon forests. Amazon is a key member of the LEAF Coalition, a new global public-private initiative to raise at least $1 billion to protect the world’s rainforests.

Amazon is the co-founder and first signatory of The Climate Pledgea commitment to achieve net zero CO₂ emissions by 2040. As part of this, more than 375 signatories in 51 sectors and 29 countries to date work together on initiatives aimed at preserving nature and investing in technology, decarbonization.

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