No taboos with you – Fabien Roussel in Montargis

Posted on 23/11/2022 by PCF

A real success that this visit of Fabien Roussel in Montargois. Montargois is an old industrial land abandoned by the state, with a rate of unemployment and insecurity well above the national average.

In the morning, meeting with about thirty elected officials in the municipality of Châlette-sur-Loing. Châlette’s communist mayor explains that he and his team “refuse to make the choice between paying the gas and electricity bill and providing all the activities that enable citizens to live together, such as the swimming pool, the five groups of schools, access to canteen for all, municipal center of public health…”.

Then at noon, more than a hundred Communists gathered for a fraternal meal with their national secretary. The meal during which the debate quickly turned to the essential issues of the congress and in particular the usefulness of our party: which communist party useful to the people and to the largest possible gatherings, much larger even than Nupe’s, be useful for our people. and let us move forward on truly transformative content. “Indeed, our reason for existence is to act for the popular assembly. And we’re not there yet! In particular, because it is necessary to bring more to the understanding of where it happens: that is, between Labor and Capital. It is our DNA which, it must be remembered, has enabled our fellow citizens to make very considerable economic and social progress. Another central question is the workplace. “And as I have strongly remembered, we are the labor party first. From what creates livelihoods, from what creates wealth. I do not reject the recipients, but I want a France where work is the national priority. »

In the afternoon, meeting with trade unionists at the center of the class struggle in two of the main factories in Montargois.

Hutchinson first of all, the largest local factory (1,300 employees), during a meeting with a dozen trade unionists (almost all the factory unions were present), to talk about reindustrialization, the relocation of production, the fight against relocation, the battle for wages, for the employment of temporary workers… Patents coming out of the research center of the Châlet area should be put into production at the Châlette site and no longer abroad. The skills, the technology… everything is present on the site, but bosses have for years preferred to relocate with the blessing of successive governments.

Fabien Roussel recalled “that with us in power tomorrow, we are reindustrializing”. The work must be returned to France.

The Sanofi factory then went to the puppet line to support strikers fighting for a pay rise. Sanofi, which is seeing progress in sales, which in 2021 has paid 4.4 billion euros in dividends to its shareholders (Sanofi employees, since September 5, work only for shareholders) and which has only increased wages by only 1.8% while the unions are asking for 10%. Sanofi, which plans to cut a quarter of its workforce, or 4,000 jobs, by 2025, including 400 in its research and development division, which prefers to buy molecules for marketing. Shareholders only want short-term profit and do not think about health. But medicine is not a commodity. This is why the communists are for a public health center. And of course for a big pay rise.

More than 200 people at the evening public meeting. A great success. Almost the entire spectrum of the left in associations, unions and local politics is present. The questions are numerous, the debate is dense and engaging: nuclear, energy policy, the fight for women’s rights, the anti-racist battle and in particular against the far-right local deputy, access to health for all and the defense of the public hospital, the organization the resistance against the explosion of energy bills, the position of the communists in relation to China and Taiwan… Two hours of debate is not enough. In the end, Fabien Roussel remembers the obvious: “We are not an opposition party, but a party of proposals. »

Bruno Nottin

secretary of the Montargis section

member of the CD and of the Loiret executive

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