In Verneuil-d’Avre-et-d’Iton, IT is within everyone’s reach

The city’s digital hub makes IT accessible to everyone. And the results of Julien Guillard, who came a little more than a year ago, are more than positive.

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Since his arrival in ShilohIN Verneuil-d’Avre-et-d’Itona little more than a year ago, Julien Guillard, head of the digital division, set himself a goal: to offer the greatest number of people the keys to digital, to reject received ideas and allow everyone use screens to create life. easier.

Eight computer stations

With eight computer stations in cyberspace, she kindly and professionally guides young or retired people on learning screens, and now plans to expand these workshops to tradesmen or craftsmen who want to familiarize themselves with communication tools. : “Digital technology is now essential for all administrative procedures or to look for a job. However, a large part of the population is completely powerless in front of screens. We welcome the elderly, but also many young people, who, contrary to what one might think, are not all happy with the computer. This is called the “Obelix complex”, the idea that young people have an innate digital ability because they fell into it when they were young, but it’s not true! »

Julien’s other credo is to reconcile parents with digital technology. Therefore, “Digital Parenting” workshops should soon see the light of day around virtual reality, interactive and educational games: “What we hear in the media about screens can cause anxiety. But to approach the topic familiarly and avoid excesses, above all you need to understand and master the tool. »

Above all the fans

The host would also like to encourage adults and seniors to discover geek culture, which “extends to many fields, beyond video games”. If there is one, the geek has, for the most part, nothing of the addict, loner, and companion prevalent in the collective imagination. They are above all fans of computers and new technologies: “In our Geek space, we offer, for example, tours of general culture and geography, quizzes and even interactive literary activities. »

Another project is close to his heart and he hopes to achieve it: the Repair cafe, where everyone can bring and repair keyboards, printers or small household appliances, in an action of solidarity for “offset of planned obsolescence and redistribution of recycled objects to underprivileged families


Le Silo Digital Center: Rue de la Petite-Vitesse.

Cyberspace from Monday to Friday from 16-18, free and without appointment. Espace Geek: every other week outside of school holidays. Subscription: €17 per year + membership. Next meetings: geoquiz on Wednesday 7th December from 2.45pm to 3.45pm and greeting card workshops on Friday 9th December from 9am to 12pm.

For more information: 02 32 32 36 31 or

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