Hobby. In Mulhouse, a virtual escape game to discover the mysteries of Electropolis

How to drag in the corridors of Electropolis a public that tends to abandon this type of institution, aimed at families and school students? “Offering a new way to discover the museum, likely to attract teenagers and young adults without children,” explains Claudine Valeriani, communications manager. Escape games and augmented reality both having the wind in their sails among this audience, Electropolis decided to mix the two, for the creation of its app. “Augmented Electropolis”. Made by brave new media, Strasbourg agency specializing in creating immersive travel, the game can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Free, can only be used in museums. Be careful, “you have to be comfortable with the technology and use it to escape the games. The codes are not necessarily easy to understand,” warns Emmanuelle Lombard, a mediator at the museum. Not suitable for the younger ones, that is, not even for those for whom reality can only be… real.

Three puzzles to solve

Everything takes place in three stages, on the first level of the museum. The gameplay is as follows: “Professor Moorcock, your arch-rival, has reassembled history to sabotage your inventions. We will have to repair the damage done to the history of inventions…” Well, we will say that it is a pretext for an investigation, a kind of treasure hunt of the last generation, where solving each puzzle allows you to move into the future. .It is impossible to skip a step or cheat like in real life – which has its good sides after all!

The first puzzle to solve is in the room that houses the cabinet of curiosities and its “Professor Tournesol” vibe – to get an old school reference… Laptop in hand, scan the square in the terminal and run away. As if by magic, a table appears on our screen, clues to solve the puzzles will appear. We will have to use the information found in the room. And show a lot of skills to make the necessary connections on the smartphone screen to get the code, which will allow us to go further. “It’s a bit like the idea of ​​creating an electrical circuit,” explains Emmanuelle Lombard. Connecting the window opener to the Wimshurst machine: not so easy, the virtual cables are a bit rebellious… But this is an opportunity to discover these strange machines from the pioneers of electricity.

“It makes you read the signs, in that sense it’s educational”

The code obtained allows you to go to the next room, for the second stage about Faraday (yes, yes, the cage one…). There, is a photo album that will be displayed on the table of ghosts, you will have to connect each inventor with his inventions. “It encourages you to do research and read the explanatory panels, in this sense it is educational”, assures Emmanuelle Lombard.

The third puzzle delves into the world of the first applications of electricity. From vacuum cleaners, X-rays or “phone girls”, which invention is the oldest? You will need to place the objects in the correct order to be able to complete the course. And what do we gain? “A virtual reward! smiles Claudine Valeriani.

Since the app’s launch, Augmented Electropolis has been downloaded nearly 500 times. “It works well, people can also play in groups, try to go as fast as possible.” There is no risk of liquid shock, but defects are not excluded…

ASK FOR “Electropolis augmented”, to download from App Store or Google play, recommended age: from 15 years. Game duration: about 30 minutes.

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