gerontechnologies at the service of the elderly and caregivers

Fifteen years have passed since these products first appeared. An embryonic market at first, but growing a little more every year as the population ages and in parallel with technological advances.

In short, what seemed like science fiction or anticipation yesterday has become reality.

From connected robots that accompany the elderly in their daily lives to exoskeletons that protect the backs of employees in nursing homes, through automatic fall detectors, devices that use virtual reality to reduce pain and anxiety or virtual travel, here is a small overview of some gerontechnologies that have a future.

emobot : monitoring of behavior and emotions in nursing homes, hospitals or at home, by Artificial Intelligence. A behavioral and emotional monitoring device for nursing homes, hospitals and the home, Emobot helps identify weak signals of behavioral disturbance and warning signs of psycho-emotional disorders (depression, dementia, anxiety, etc.)

see : emotional therapeutic assistant robot
Paro can act in communication, social interaction and behavioral disorders, or during daily care. It should enable the reduction of the medication of certain patients. This robot is equipped with many motors and sensors that allow it to move its head, blink its eyes, move its tail and activate its two feathers.

friend : life companion, guard and helper
In the service of good aging at home or in an institution, Buddy is a life companion, a caregiver and an assistant. Comforting and soothing presence, safety, social connection, cognitive stimulation, entertainment… New Buddy: games and animations, links to connected health facilities to enhance, ensure and prolong care at home. Also equipped with a companion mode and cognitive stimulation.

MDsense : fall detection radar
The MDsense sensor is installed on the walls inside the apartment. This new generation of sensors makes it possible to immediately detect a fall without having to carry an object on you to sound the alarm.

Care Vayar : advanced remote monitoring technology
Once installed, the device scans the room like a radar and knows if people are standing, sitting or lying down. This is how any falls are identified. But these innovations go beyond the fall reveal. They also make it possible to track exits from the bed, extended floor stations, movements in different rooms.

Any passive exoskeleton
Each exoskeleton, marketed by the company Exofair, helps with all tasks that involve lifting heavy loads or awkward positions when the user has a bent back. The exoskeleton uses manually compressed air to provide assistance without motors or electricity.

Given.W active exoskeleton
The Japet.W active exoskeleton was developed by startup company Japet Medical Devices. It was created for intensive back rehabilitation and then its use expanded to an industrial approach to performing difficult tasks. In practice, it makes it possible to reduce the difficulty of tasks with strong lumbar restrictions, to prevent the occurrence of lumbar pain and to maintain and promote return to work.

belovia : electromedical extender for professionals. The purpose of this medical device is to facilitate the fitting of compression stockings and reduce musculoskeletal disorders for caregivers with simple use.

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