“Build Your 2023 Digital Strategy to Accelerate Your Landing,” Jonathan VOOGT, Real Estate Coach at Expertimo

Implementing your digital strategy requires good preparation in order to be effective in gathering sales leads. What are the digital developments in real estate and what are the trends for 2023? Overview of techniques that have the wind in their sails by Jonathan Voogt.

As 2022 draws to a close, it is now time to set the course for 2023. The end of the year is often a good time to take stock of what we have been able to accomplish and set goals next year.

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence

virtual reality

If the Facebook metaverse is really trying to take off, it at least has the advantage of desire the democratization of virtual reality and the virtual world. We can perfectly imagine that in the near future, visiting real estate can be done in total immersion thousands of kilometers away.

This technology, focused on the customer experience, will allow you to give your prospects a unique experience and can save you a lot of time. It can help you a lot stand out from your peers and mark the spirits.

Companies are already organizing virtual tours online from a computer or tablet, but virtual reality will allow you to go much further into diving with the use of a dedicated headset.

artificial intelligence

As of 2021, the growth of robots and artificial intelligence has been democratized. AI combines different techniques in order to develop computer programs very complex.

HE helps with marketing decision making since algorithms make it possible to identify and predict consumer behavior. For example, if you want to create a Facebook advertising campaign with this goal to collect sales leads, Facebook’s artificial intelligence makes it possible to surgically select prospects that potentially have a sales project. This technological achievement is possible thanks to algorithms that analyze the smallest actions of users on the network.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can too growing and fostering a real relationship with customers on your website. Indeed, tools such as chatbots allow you to provide a solution to your users 24/24 and 7 days a week.

Finally, artificial intelligence will allow you to improve yours content marketing strategy to meet the needs of your prospects by providing personalized content tailored to your audience.

Content Marketing

You want to let your prospects know that you are the best real estate agent for them and that they need to contact you to complete their real estate sales projects.

You have two main options for making this known:

  • Advertise
  • Prove it by posting content that demonstrates your expertise

Let’s look at the second point.

Content marketing allows you to prove your expertise to your audience even without meeting him creating content that informs, educates or entertains your prospects. This is a technique that aims to attract visitors to your communication media by publishing targeted messages that bring real value to your prospects.

To collect sales data, you can for example create content which will inform them about local real estate market trends, you can give sales tips, make videos of local partners, etc.

All this quality and interesting content you share will allow you develop your local brand image and your expertise, and will allow you to gain the trust of your target even before your first sales meeting.

If you suffer from white cheek syndrome, here are some supports that will allow you to express yourself:

  • Blog posts
  • Youtube videos
  • Infographic
  • webinar
  • Press releases
  • Podcasts
  • e-book

These media outlets will help you produce editorial content that will be used to promote your real estate agency.

Short videos

Be it TikTok, YouTube or any social network, there is no doubt that it will be the star format in 2023.

Short video, as its name suggests, is a format that loves 15 to 90 seconds in portrait mode that you can dress up with filters or other sound effects. You can perfectly combine short videos in your content marketing strategy to make an impact.

We are in an age where everything is moving very fast, where we consume information mainly on our smartphones in portrait format and its reduced length will allow you to be efficient on your land.

Why not use this format to announce shocking events? Are new properties coming out? The not-to-be-missed deal of the year? Tip of the day? There is no shortage of ideas.

This video format will allow you to advertise spot events which will aim to impress.

Social selling

If already in 2022 social selling has been effective, it will be essential research in 2023. It is a matter of research social networks interacting with your prospects in order to convert them into leads.

This marketing is very effective and has many advantages over traditional searches.

First, it allows you to touch thousands of people almost instantly, which will save you considerable time.

In addition, linked to content marketing, this practice will allow you to build a strong brand image by communicating your values ​​and commitments. By communicating directly with your audience, you can meet their needs and build a relationship of trust.

DATA and sales tunnels

We live in a world where he who has knowledge has power. And in digital marketing, it’s the same.

Anyone who owns the DATA has a huge advantage over their competitors. DATA represents all data that you can collect from your target.

owing to what software do you use, you can collect information and maintain the relationship of trust that you have established on networks or on your site. Then programsending automatic emails in order to maintain relationships with people who have agreed to enter your tunnel.

The secret is to maintain a relationship of trust by sending emails with the goal of continuing your content marketing and converting your contact into a prospect.

You can create an email list of buyers, then sellers and send personalized content which will save you time with a high conversion rate.

SEO or natural referencing

SEO or (Search Engine Optimization) unlike SEA (advertising) consists of positioning yourself in search engines naturally. Natural references are constantly in turmoil with Google’s algorithms which can be modified more than 3500 times a year.

We are even talking in 2023 about SXO (Search Experience Optimization) which consists of more consider the user experience in search engines. If in the recent past it was enough to just dig your website with keywords to be well referenced, this is no longer the case in 2023.

It allows Google to consider the user experience and he understands exactly what the internet user is looking for. SEO is one interesting source of mandates because it will allow you to be referred to local keywords (eg Bordeaux real estate).

If your site provides a good experience for web users, Google will position it in search results to reach sellers who can contact you.


Digital marketing is an unprecedented source of leads, but it will require time, technique and training.

These practices are not replaced to ancestry research techniques proven for decades.

Consumer behavior is constantly changing in a complex and understand the challenge of caring for your content it is the key to creating a real strategy to develop your business.

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